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Sewing Downloadable Sewing Patterns The possibilities are endless with just a little creativity, some fun fabric, a sewing machine and new designs and patterns from! Online sewing patterns from YCMT make it easy with step-by-step instructions and detailed photos. It's quick and convenient to get started with instant access to download PDF printable sewing patterns for clothing, bags, aprons and boutique wear, and more. Browse our selection of downloadable sewing patterns and project instructions from various sewing pattern designers. Find all types of patterns and designs for children, babies, women and men for sewers at all skill levels. Show More Categories Embroidery Embroidery Embroidery Embroidery Embroidery Embroidery What's New? What's New at YCMT What's Popular at YCMT? What's Popular at YCMT? Author Author Featured Products Featured Products Mug Rugs Mug Rugs Special Feature Special Feature Featured Featured Now you can make Easy-fit Pants for everyone! These comfortable, versatile pants can be made in a range of lengths for all seasons and times of day. They are designed for maximum comfort and wear-ability, with fit that is relaxed yet oh-so-stylish Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop has been producing top-rated and beloved sewing patterns for years, including pajama and nightgown patterns. We're highlighting some favorites below. Crochet Downloadable Crochet Patterns Break out the yarn and hook and start creating with crochet patterns from! Online crochet patterns from YCMT make it easy easy with step-by-step instructions. It's quick and convenient to get started with instant access to download PDF printable crochet patterns for hats, scarves, toys, clothing, crochet amigurumi and more. Browse our selection of downloadable crochet patterns and project instructions from various crochet pattern designers. Find all types of patterns and designs for children, babies, women and men for crocheters at all skill levels. Jewelry Downloadable Jewelry Patterns Bring a little bling and sparkle into your life! Jewelrymaking is a fun and rewarding art and the outcome is beautiful and expressive. Download a jewelry pattern and make a necklace, ring, bracelet and more. Handmade jewelry makes a great gift, too. Crafts & Hobbies Crafts & Hobbies Downloadable Sewing Patterns This section features a wide variety of how-to guides for hobby and craft projects. You can find everything from toys to printables and digital scrapbooking to home decor projects. Browse around to find something that speaks to you! Stitchery Downloadable Stitchery Patterns This section features stitchery patterns, including hand embroidery patterns. We have holiday stitchery patterns, home decor stitchery, samplers, and more. For machine embroidery designs, visit our sister site, Quilting Downloadable Quilting Patterns This section features projects for quilting skills and techniques. Included are quilt patterns, quilted pillow patterns, quilted table runner patterns, quilted wall hanging patterns and more. Learn to make a quilt for yourself with these step by step guides or quilts make great gifts, too. Free Free Pattern Club Spring Sewing Patterns Spring Sewing Patterns Cold Weather Sewing Patterns Downloadable Cold Weather Sewing Patterns Girls Clothing Sewing Patterns Girls Clothing Downloadable Sewing Patterns Find the perfect girls clothing patterns online for everything from dresses, shirts and tops to rompers, shorts, and tutus. Dress up the sweetheart in your life with the clothing creations you can make with our sewing patterns. Download your PDF pattern and start sewing today! Miscellaneous Jewelry Patterns Miscellaneous Printable Jewelry Patterns Cold Weather Crochet Patterns Downloadable Cold Weather Crochet Patterns Shoe Crochet Pattern Downloadable Shoe Crochet Patterns Boys Clothing Sewing Patterns Boys Clothing Downloadable Sewing Patterns Whether you're looking to dress up your little man, or just keep up with how quickly he's growing, you can do it with a boys clothing sewing pattern from YCMT. You can make boys pants, shirts, swimwear and more. Baby Clothing Sewing Patterns Downloadable Baby Clothing Sewing Patterns This section features baby clothing sewing patterns you can use to easily make a beautiful outfit for your little one. You're sure to find a sewing pattern for whatever you want to make: rompers, dresses, tops, tutus, diapers, bibs, baby shoes, and more! Handmade baby clothing also makes a heartfelt and appreciated baby shower gift. Womens Clothing Sewing Patterns Women's Clothing Downloadable Sewing Patterns It is time to sew something for yourself or for a friend? We have a variety of women's clothing sewing patterns to help you create the perfect outfit. Browse the women's dress patterns, shorts and pants, tops, women's swimwear, maternity patterns and more. Costumes Sewing Patterns Downloadable Costume Sewing Patterns Let's get dressed up! These costume patterns are handy for making Halloween costumes, of course, but they're also fun just for dress up costumes. We have both boy costumes and girl costumes, as well as costumes for adults. Hat Sewing Patterns Printable Hat Sewing Patterns Making hats is a fun project and everyone loves the outcome! Download a hat sewing pattern today and get busy making hats for fashion, fun and function. Handbags & Cases Sewing Patterns Downloadable Handbags & Cases Sewing Patterns Sewing a bag is not only a fun and easy project... you get an awesome bag tailormade for you! That's perfection! We have all sorts of handbag patterns and case patterns for you to sew. There are also patterns for backpacks, wallets, gadget cases and more. Toys Sewing Patterns Downloadable Toys Sewing Patterns Spread a little joy with handmade toys. This section includes sewing patterns for toys. Hairbows & Accessories Sewing Patterns Printable Hairbow & Accessory Sewing Patterns Are you crazy about hairbows, clippies, barrettes and more? The right hair accessory can make an outfit pop. Learn how to make hairbows and more with these sewing patterns. Home Decor Sewing Patterns Home Décor Downloadable Sewing Patterns The loving touches make a house (or apartment or flat) a home! Dress up your home decor with these sewn home decor projects. Applique Patterns Printable Appliqué Template Sewing Patterns Adorn clothing, handbags, home decor and so much more by adding a little applique! These applique designs will add the perfect touch to your projects. Embellishing Sewing Patterns Printable Embellishing Sewing Patterns Embellishments can really add your special signature to any project. These guides will help you create sewn embellishments to get that unique look. Pets Sewing Patterns Pet Clothing Printable Sewing Patterns Your pet is part of the family, so make sure you show them a little creative love, too! Download a pet clothing sewing pattern today to get started. Aprons Sewing Patterns Downloadable Aprons Sewing Patterns Sewing an apron may be the perfect sewing project. When you sew an apron, you get an easy sewing project that is fast, fun, and has a darling conclusion! These apron sewing patterns provide you the perfect guide to get ready to bake, host or just enjoy your day! Aprons make perfect hostess gifts or girlfriend gifts too! Holidays & Seasons Sewing Patterns Printable Holidays & Seasons Sewing Patterns If you're looking for a fun Christmas project, Halloween costume, Easter dress or something for a season, this is the place for you. One of these holiday sewing patterns or seasonal projects should fit the bill. Hats Crochet Patterns Hats Downloadable Crochet Patterns Crocheted hats are a project that every crochet fan can enjoy. These crochet hat patterns will show you how to make a crochet hat that you'll love. You can learn to make crochet beanies, crochet cloche hats, crochet bucket hats and fun, whimsical hats! We have kids crochet hat patterns and adult crochet hat patterns, so you can make them for the whole family or all your friends. Toys Crochet Patterns Downloadable Toys Crochet Patterns Making crochet toys is a fun and fast project that brings a little delight to the receiver. Learn to make crochet toys with a downloadable toys crochet pattern. Handbags & Cases Crochet Patterns Handbags & Cases Printable Crochet Patterns Handbags & Cases Crochet Patterns Girls Clothing Crochet Patterns Printable Girls Clothing Crochet Patterns Girls Clothing Crochet Patterns Baby Clothing Crochet Patterns Baby Clothing Printable Crochet Patterns Baby Clothing Crochet Patterns Boys Clothing Crochet Patterns Boys Clothing Downloadable Crochet Patterns Boys Clothing Crochet Patterns Women Clothing Patterns Downloadable Women's Clothing Crochet Patterns Blankets & Afghans Crochet Patterns Blankets Printable Crochet Patterns Blankets & Afghans Crochet Patterns Scarf Crochet Patterns Downloadable Scarves Crochet Patterns Scarf Crochet Patterns Knitting Patterns Printable Knitting Crochet Patterns Knitting Patterns Holidays & Seasons Crochet Patterns Printable Holidays & Season Crochet Patterns Holidays & Seasons Crochet Patterns Bracelet Patterns Printable Bracelet Jewelry Patterns Show your unique style by making a bracelet with one of these bracelet jewelry patterns. Necklace Patterns Necklaces Printable Jewelry Patterns Show your unique style by making a necklace with one of these necklace jewelry patterns. Ring Making Printable Ring Jewelry Patterns Ringmaking is an art you can enjoy. Learn to make a ring with a ring jewelry pattern. These step-by-step guides will make it easy for you to start making rings right away! Hair Accessories Hair Accessories Downloadable Jewelry Patterns Barrettes, hairbows, clippies and more! Make something cute for your hair with a hair accessories jewelry pattern. Holidays & Seasons Jewelry Patterns Holidays & Seasons Printable Jewelry Patterns Making jewelry for a specific holiday or season is a great way to use your jewelrymaking abilities. You can make jewelry for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. or focus on a specific season. Toys Printable Toy Templates, Tutorials & Sewing Patterns One of the great things about making toys is knowing how much joy they're going to bring the receiver! With these step-by-step guides you can make a variety of fun toys. Printables Printable Crafts & Hobbies Templates, Tutorials & Sewing Patterns Printable crafts are a handy, quick way to make all sorts of great things. Simply print out the download with a standard home printer and follow the directions for transforming the printout into something amazing! Download printable crafts today! Home Decor Craft Projects Home Décor Downloadable Crafts & Hobbies Make something beautiful for your home with a home decor craft project. Digital Scrapbooking Digital Scrapbooking Downloadable Templates & Tutorials Save your memories with digital scrapbooking! These digital scrapbooking templates help you organize and embellish your photographs for a digital scrapbook. Download digital scrapbook templates today to get started! Painting Downloadable Painting Tutorials & Templates Let's paint! Download painting tutorials and templates in this section. Photography Photography Tutorials & Templates Click, click... learn how to take better pictures with photography tutorials. These photography guides will teach you photography techniques to improve your hobby. Better pictures mean better memories! Fabric Flowers Downloadable Flowers Templates & Tutorials Learn how to make fabric flowers and other flower accessories. These step-by-step guides will walk you through the process of making flowers you can use as all sorts of embellishments. Craft Business Craft Business Printable Instructions & Templates Thinking of expanding or starting a craft business? These guides will provide the help you need to get started. Hair Accessories Hair Accessories Downloadable Tutorials & Patterns Make all sorts of hair accessories, including bows, clippies, and more with these craft tutorials and patterns. Holidays & Seasons Crafts Holidays & Seasons Templates & Tutorials If you're looking for a fun Christmas craft, Halloween craft, Easter craft or something for a season, this is the place for you. One of these holiday craft projects or seasonal projects should fit the bill. Quilt Patterns Printable Quilt Patterns A handmade quilt is a symbol of loving care and attention and often becomes a prized heirloom. Download quilt patterns from this section for your next creation. Table Runner Patterns Table Runners Downloadable Quilting Patterns Dress up your home with a lovely quilted table runner. These table runner patterns will show you how. Quilted Pillow Patterns Pillows Printable Quilting Patterns Create the perfect accent for your home decor with a quilted pillow. Download quilted pillow patterns and start making yours today! Wall Hanging Patterns Printable Wall Hangings Quilting Patterns Start or add to your collection of quilted wall hangings. These wall hangings will add flair and festivity to the walls of your home. The wall hanging patterns will guide you through the process, step-by-step. Holidays & Seasons Quilt Patterns Downloadable Holidays & Seasons Quilting Patterns Quilting and holidays go hand-in-hand! Whether you want to create the perfect Christmas quilt or something to celebrate Spring, we have a holiday quilt pattern for you. Polymer Clay Crafts Printable Polymer Clay Crafts & Hobbies Patterns Instructions for Polymer Clay projects Crochet Jewelry Patterns Printable Jewelry Crochet Patterns Crochet Jewelry Patterns Crochet Jewelry Patterns Printable Crochet Jewelry Patterns Crochet Jewelry Patterns Doll Clothing Crochet Patterns Doll Clothing Downloadable Crochet Patterns Ribbon Crafts Downloadable Ribbon Crafts Patterns Baby Quilt Patterns Printable Baby Quilt Patterns Hair Accessories Crochet Patterns Hair Accessories Printable Crochet Patterns Hair Accessories Crochet Patterns Miscellaneous Crochet Projects Miscellaneous Downloadable Crochet Patterns Miscellaneous Crochet Projects Pop Tab Jewelry Patterns Downloadable Pop Tab Jewelry Patterns Pop Tab Jewelry Patterns Beading Craft Projects Downloadable Beading Craft Project Templates Beading Craft Projects Miscellaneous Craft Projects Miscellaneous Printable Crafts & Hobbies Patterns Miscellaneous Craft Projects Home Decor Crochet Patterns Downlodable Home Decor Crochet Patterns Home Decor Crochet Patterns Sewing Tutorials Printable Sewing Tutorials Sewing Tutorials Recipes Downloadable Recipes Crafts & Hobbies Quilt Block Patterns Printable Quilting Block Patterns Quilt Block Patterns Earring Jewelry Patterns Printable Earring Jewelry Patterns Earring Jewelry Patterns Pendant Jewelry Patterns Downloadable Pendant Jewelry Patterns Pendant Jewelry Patterns Miscellaneous Quilting Patterns Miscellaneous Downloadable Quilting Patterns Nursing Covers & Miscellaneous Sewing Pattern Downloadable Nursing Covers Sewing Patterns Girls Dresses Sewing Patterns Girls Dresses & Skirts Downloadable Sewing Patterns What is more special that a cute girl in a beautiful handmade dress or skirt? These girls dresses sewing patterns will get you started. We have patterns for all occasions such as summer dress patterns, easter dress patterns, twirl skirt patterns, peasant dress patterns and more. Miscellaneous Women's Sewing Patterns Miscellaneous Downloadable Womens Sewing Patterns Girls Shirts & Tops Sewing Patterns Girls Shirts & Tops Downloadable Sewing Patterns Every cute girls outfit needs that perfect shirt or top and, when you make it, you can get it just right. Browse the girl's shirt sewing patterns to find patterns for peasant tops, pinafore tops, polo shirts, Tees, hoodies, tunics, halter tops and more. Girls Pants Sewing Patterns Girls Pants Downloadable Sewing Patterns Finally, your search for the perfect girls pants sewing pattern is over! We have dozens of styles of pants sewing patterns pants making it easy to get the look you're after. We have sewing patterns for capris, ruffle pants, lounging, everyday wear pants and just about everything else you can think of! Girls Shorts Sewing Patterns Girls Shorts Downloadable Sewing Patterns Girls Shorts Sewing Patterns Girls Rompers Sewing Patterns Girls Rompers Downloadable Sewing Patterns Everyone knows girls and moms love rompers because they're practical, comfy and easy to make. You can make her favorite outfit with one of our girl rompler patterns. So fun to dress up with ruffles and fabric selection, you'll love the finished product! Girls Tutus Sewing Patterns Girls Tutus Downloadble Sewing Patterns Show that special princess or ballerina how much you love her with a handmade tutu. Your daughter or granddaughter will never stop twirling in her tutu made with love. Browse our selection of tutu sewing patterns from all our great sewing pattern designers. Find ballerina tutu patterns, costume tutu patterns and princess tutus, and princess skirt sewing patterns. Girls Jackets Sewing Patterns Downloadable Girls Jacket Sewing Patterns When it's chilly outside, you can keep your girl cozy and warm with a girls jacket sewing pattern. Make her a casual jacket, hoodie, bolero jacket and more. Girls Scarf Sewing Patterns Downloadable Girls Scarf Patterns These sewn scarfs are perfect for bundling up or accessorizing. You can make one with a scarf sewing pattern from one of our great designers. Boys Shirts Sewing Patterns Boys Shirts Downloadable Sewing Patterns Find the perfect boys shirt sewing pattern. Boys sewing patterns can be hard to find, but you can make a boys shirt with these step-by-step guides. Boys Pants Sewing Patterns Boys Pants Downloadable Sewing Patterns You may be shocked by how fast boys can outgrow (or destroy) a pair of pants! In this section you can find boys pants sewing patterns that you can make. These pants patterns will help you make a pair of pants that will impress you and your boy. Boys Jackets Sewing Patterns Boys Jackets Downloadable Sewing Patterns Boys Jackets Sewing Patterns Boys Ties Sewing Patterns Boys Ties Downloadable Sewing Patterns Your little gentleman needs a tie to look his best. Making a boys tie is easy with the right boys tie sewing pattern.