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Chunky Rag Rug Tutorial

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Author Chunky Rag Rugs
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This chunky rag rug tutorial shows you how to make rag rugs and a frame loom. There are two styles of rugs in the tutorial: 1) smooth edges on all 4 sides; 2) tasseled on two edges, smooth on the other two edges. The rugs use mostly t-shirts or other knit garments/fabric. (Some woven fabric can be used, but should be less than half the amount of the material in the rug).

Both the rug and frame loom are easy to make. The tutorial is 50 pages and has images and clear instructions for each step. The fabric for the rug will require a lot of cutting, and the loom requires only very basic carpentry skills (using a power drill or hammer).

A very fun project for t-shirt crafts or those looking for some DIY décor or home décor crafts! The finished rugs are very durable and are a unique item to have or give as a gift.

Table of Contents for the tutorial:

Rug Making in a Nutshell
Definition of Warp & Weft
The Frame Loom
Frame Loom Basics & Tools
Materials Needed
Wood for the Loom
Making the Loom
Adjustable-Size Loom
Fabric for the Rug
Knit or Woven?
Fiber Content
Finding T-shirts/Fabric
Choosing Colors
Number of T-shirts Needed
Damaged Fabric
T-shirts with Writing or Images
Preparing your Fabric
Cutting T-shirts into Strips
Loom Placement
Weaving the Rug
Warping the Loom .
Joining Fabric Strips
Weaving in the Weft
Finishing Rug Edges
Care and Cleaning
Tassel Rug Variation
Examples of Cutting Fabric Strips

by Mason, Roberta
on November 24th, 2016



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Rug Supplies:
1. T-shirts, knit garments or other knit fabric: approximately 2-2.5 larger-sized t-shirts per finished square foot of rug.
2. Scissors
3. Fabric glue (optional)

Frame Loom Supplies:
1. Wood
2. Tape measure
3. Power drill (a hammer could be used instead)
4. Screws (or nails if you're using a hammer)
5. Drill bit for drilling holes
6. Screwdriving bit
7. L- brackets