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How to Applique the Easy Way

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Author Kimberbell Designs
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by wilson, marcia
on August 14th, 2018

“great ideas for applique”

Maybe you think learning to appliqué is too hard or requires too much time. But, we know you love the look of professional appliquéing as much as we do, and now its time to learn how to master this fun skill for yourself. Learn to easily appliqué apparel, home décor and more. The expert author takes you through each step from start to finish, with easy to follow instructions. While it may take a touch of practice to master the technique, you’ll soon be appliquéing like a pro!

Over 20 photos help you start jazzing up everything from clothing to towels! It’s time to learn how to do fusible appliqué.


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by wilson, marcia
on August 14th, 2018

great ideas for applique

by Pierce, Darlene
on July 27th, 2015

Great info. Very helpful

by thorpe, stephanie
on October 28th, 2013

Great tips for the beginner!

by Dixon, Gina
on October 7th, 2013

Great instructions.

by Mitchell, Lynn
on September 23rd, 2013


on May 22nd, 2013

Took a class in appliqué, read multiple "how-to's" and was never able to grasp the process for appliqué. Purchased this and have made many many bags for kids and adults. Everyone that sees the bags asks me to make them one. Thank you!!

by Cameron, Callie
on May 12th, 2013

Great ebook for someone who does not use Google. Or has NEVER appliqued by hand before.

by Cornelius, Sandy
on March 20th, 2013


by C. Archuleta
on February 22nd, 2013

very easy

by garcia, tina
on December 5th, 2012

great and easy to follow instructions

by eabrooksie
on November 18th, 2012

Thanks for the detailed tutorial, can't believe this can be done without an expensive embroidery machine.

by Sipe, Kelli
on October 23rd, 2012

Nice book for learning to applique. Easy to understand directions, great pictures!

by Staying Little
on October 9th, 2012

Cute designs

by blough, stacy
on September 28th, 2012

This book was a basic guide for beginners. I found similar free tutorials on the internet. I wish I would have searched before I spent the money.

by Pelphrey, Michelle
on September 3rd, 2012

Great for a beginner. Easy to understand and even has a few applique patterns for you to try out.

by Debby
on September 1st, 2012

Great book!!

by Rico , Angie
on August 13th, 2012

Great instructions easy to follow

by Broach, Kathleen
on August 11th, 2012


by Carlile, Lela
on June 23rd, 2012

Great beginners manual.

by DeNucci, Faith
on June 1st, 2012

Great instructions! Thanks!

by Coates, Stacey
on May 9th, 2012

ThiIf you have never embroidered before this is very easy to follow, clear instructions. I already had some knowledge so this was a little to simple for me.

by Donoghue, Shannon
on April 28th, 2012

great directions! I think all the pics speak for themselves!

by Holland, Kirsty
on April 15th, 2012

This definitely took the 'mystery' out of applique for me! It's very easy to understand and follow. Within minutes, I was making applique tees :) Thanks!

by Carter, Tonya
on February 24th, 2012

Helped me as an "intermediate" Appliquer... ;)

by perry, misty
on February 17th, 2012

Thank you for simplifing appliques! Great ebook

by Giddings, Robin
on February 15th, 2012


by Crumpton, Rosa
on February 4th, 2012

This is a great guide! Simple, easy to understand instructions show you how to applique by sewing or even a non-sew version. I liked the bonus patterns, the car turned out super cute with buttons for the wheels.

by Bartleson, Lindsay
on February 2nd, 2012

This e-book got me over my avoidance of applique. I've used the techniques several times and from the start everything turned out great!

by King, Amy
on January 31st, 2012

really nice tutorial for beginners!

by Sanders, Jabneel
on January 23rd, 2012


by Prescott, Dorothy
on January 7th, 2012

I had never appliqued before reading this I love easy to follow.

by Melissa B.
on January 7th, 2012

If you have never appliqued this is a great reference. Easy to follow.

by bobobabymae
on January 4th, 2012

I absolutely love this ebook! I definately needed some help with learning how to applique! This ebook is so clear and easy to follow.. it takes the headache out of trying to learn on your own.

by Brooke Granger
on January 4th, 2012

This is very helpful for anyone who wants to start doing applique or if you have been doing it. This is written very clear and easy to follow.

by rychelle
on January 3rd, 2012

I can't believe how easy applique is using these techniques. I am making the cutest things that I never thought I'd be able to do!

by Anonymous
on August 1st, 2001

I never considered appliqueing before, but the number of great ideas I've seen changed my mind. The ebook really helped me learn the tricks of attaching the fabric, going round corners, etc. Very useful!

by Ginger
on August 1st, 2001

This is a great e-book. It walks you step by step in creating the perfect machine sewn applique. And the patterns that come with it are cute.

by Sonya. Tennessee
on August 1st, 2001

I recently purchased the "How to Applique the easy way" Ebook and was very pleased. I am a beginner and this book was very helpful to me. This is one of the best websites I've seen.

by Jennifer, Ohio
on August 1st, 2001

This is the best eBook I have ever purchased. The information was very valuable and organized very logically for beginners (like me.) I loved the fact that there were a lot of pictures to show a step by step approach.

by Lorie Fuller, Polkadot Bunny
on August 1st, 2001

You have to read, "How to Applique" by Kimberbell Kids. Kim manages to take a complex applique process and simplify it into clear, concise instructions on applique and satin stitch techniques. Everyone from beginner to experiences will benefit from this eBook. Her tips and suggestions are invaluable -- and her artwork is just darling!

by Naomi H
on August 1st, 2001

Simply put, I stunk at applique! T-shirts I'd appliqued on grew holes, appliques I put on jeans fell off in the wash and I couldn't get my stitches neat or even. It was a mess! I purchased "How to Applique the Easy Way" and my first project after reading the e-book is still together and looking great... after many wears and washes! The instructions are simple and clear and truly makes applique fun and easy!

by Sheri N
on August 1st, 2001

The appliqué of my favorite finished projects! I am still shocked I was able to make these!!! I used the "How to Appliqué the Easy Way" eBook and the "Lil Pun'Kin" eBook. I have NEVER appliquéd before...and I found the directions easy to follow.

by Tina Brown
on August 1st, 2001

THanks for the great ebook. easy to a beginner like me to get. Love this site.