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Downloadable Sewing Pattern Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eBook?

Answer: Basically, an eBook is a PDF file you view with your computer. When you buy one of our eBooks, you'll download it to your computer (by clicking on a link) and save it. Then, you can read it, print it out, etc. For more information and to try a test PDF file, see our page dedicated to the topic - click here.

I purchased an eBook and cannot find my download link. How can I receive the eBooks I purchased?

The first place to check is your spam folder or bulk email folder.. Because links are sent within seconds of purchase, it is best to check there first. If you do not see it there, double check to make sure that the transaction was completed.

In addition, when you are signed into your user account before purchase, all of your e-patterns/instructions are automatically placed in the "MY LIBRARY" section. You will always have access to them and they will never expire. To access through the "My Library" area, simply log into your user account and locate the section on the left-hand side of your screen. All of your purchases will be found. Remember, you must first be logged into your account PRIOR to purchasing in order for those products to be in the library.

If you still cannot find the link, simply send your name, email address, order number, and date of purchase through our online contact form found at the top, right-hand side of each page. Please allow up to 48 hours to resend your eBooks purchased.

What are the copyright and usage restrictions for the eBooks?
Each eBook carries its own copyright and restrictions as specified by the book's author. If you need additional iinformation on copyright, contact the book's author. Each description page will also have a section where you can view the author's individual copyright policies before purchase.
Can I sell items that I make that are based on the content of the eBooks?
Usage rights regarding commercial purposes (includes selling on eBay) will be specified by the author in the eBook. Generally, however, unless clearly specified, you should assume that the material is for personal, non-commercial use. Some authors maintain angel policies, if you're still not sure, contact the author for more information. Each description page will also have a section where you can view the author's individual copyright policies before purchase.
What payment methods do you accept? How are payments processed? Is it secure?
We accept credit cards and PayPal. Payments from are processed by PayPal. All online transactions occur over encrypted, SSL connections.
I forgot to save my eBook. Can you resend it to me?
We have good news! When you are logged into your user account, your purchased eBooks are automatically placed in the "my library" section of your user account. Now you will never lose a download and will always have access to any product you have purchased.
What if I think an eBook listed on your site, infringes on someone's copyright?

We really appreciate your concern for the quality of the material listed on and want to assure you that we take copyright infringements seriously.

When it comes to matters of copyright infringement, it is easy to confuse who is accountable for what and what the various rights and duties are of the parties involved. All of our authors sign a content distribution agreement prior to listing their eBook with YCMT in which they warrant that the work(s) they are submitting to us are their original works and they claim full responsibility (and absolve us) for any violation of law, including copyright. We, in turn, agree to distribute their work under certain economic terms and do not maintain an exclusive right to distribute their work. Therefore, the authors maintain ownership of their work and we simply have rights for distribution. As you would expect from anyone creating something of value, nearly all of the authors include some sort of copyright statement limiting the use of their product. In turn, YCMT holds a responsibility to our authors to distribute their work and pay the author according to our terms.

There really are only three parties that have a say as to whether something is copied in such a way that it violates copyright law. They include the original copyright holder, the party accused of copying and the law. If a copyright holder feels their copyright has been violated, it is their responsibility to work with the accused to come to a resolution ? either amicably or through legal action. YCMT's position is to be fair to both the accused and the accuser and uphold whatever the agreed upon outcome is of their dispute.

When you consider all of the people developing patterns, books, eBooks, websites, physical creations, etc. in the world, you realize it would be impossible for YCMT to assess every incoming work to determine if, somewhere in the universe of creative works, there is a copyright infringement. If that were the case, we would never be able to list a single product, nor would any other content distributor, such as, Barnes and Noble, etc. This is why copyright law exists and also why we create double insurance for YCMT by enforcing strict terms that put the responsibility for copyright compliance on the author.

I hope this helps you understand our position. We would never want anyone to be harmed by a true copyright infringement. If an infringement claim against one of the authors on our site were proven to be valid, we would immediately sever our business relationship with them, as they would have violated our agreement. On the other hand, it is very easy to claim infringement and it would be wrong of us to turn our back on our commitment to the author until it was verified that they had copied, as resolved between the copyright holder and the author.