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Downloadable Sewing Pattern Testimonials

"My wife Danielle loves your site and it makes her so happy to creat some of the ideas you give her from this website. She has submitted some pictures of her creations to your site and you have even posted some and believe me this has made her so happy and proud. And by using some of your patterns and ideas you give her, has made her look forward to each weekend to start another creation. Thank, " YOU CAN MAKE THIS.COM" and Danielle I'm so PROUD of you !!!"
Brian Charles

"I just wanted to thank y'all for this site! I have to admit, I've purchased more than a dozen e-books, and I'll likely purchase at least a dozen more! I love that all of the patterns can be used as many times as needed, and in so many sizes! Buying paper patterns is such a waste, as when they are cut to one size, they're useless when my daughter goes up to the next size! I can use the patterns I purchase here for YEARS! Not to mention, the versitility of all of the patterns! The designers are amazing, and I hope this site continues well into the future!Thanks so much! Ashley (Mommy to Emily, 2)"
Ashley (Mommy to Emily, 2)

" offers quality ebooks and exceptional customer service. I have ordered several ebooks and they have all been extremely well written, easy to follow and very complete. I have started making my custom shirts and selling them for a nice profit!"
Jennifer S., Cleveland, OH

"I have downloaded easily over a dozen ebooks from I think the website is very user friendly - it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for. There is a great selection of projects to choose from, and no matter which designer you are downloading ebooks from, each has very detailed and simple, clear instructions to follow with lots of step by step photos. Perfect for any level. I am still a beginning crafter/seamstress, and I have no trouble completing "YouCanMakeThis" ebook projects. I just love the website!"
Timi Lisa F., Santa Rosa, CA

"I am new to sewing and have bought a few patterns from YCMT. I like that the eBooks are set up like a person that is sitting there teaching me instead of confusing "pattern speak" that you find on a typical pattern. I've also had to contact the author of the eBook with questions and have gotten quick, friendly, helpful responses. I love this site and I think it makes those of us who are new to something, or those of us who feel like we have no creativity or talent, feel like we can really accomplish something! Thanks so much! Blessings, Wendy H. Seffner, Florida"
Wendy H., Seffner, FL

"I tell every one I know that is interested in sewing about your site! I make sure that I tell the folks at the fabric stores in my area. The site is well designed and I have never experienced any problems! You inspire and delight me!"
Kay V.

"YCMT is one of my favorite sites to visit when searching for new projects. I enjoy the huge variety of ebooks offered as well as the prices. You can't beat the great service offered here!"
Lisa Y., Germany

"I just love your site. Not only are your books inspiring how-to's but they are also competively priced and easy to follow. Thanks for a great site!"
Mary M., Louisiana

"I am a minimal sewer at best, but I love You Can Make This because it inspires me to do better. More than that, it makes me think that I can step outside my small box and try something new! The instructions are great for those who would rather work on their own at their own pace!"
Melissa M., Gulf Shores, AL

"It never seizes to amaze me how many talented authors are available providing their knowledge to those who have the "do it yourself mind set." My youngest is a very slim and tall little girl. At four years old, she has the waist of a 18 month old. I love the fact that the patterns are adjustable and the she is able to wear clothes that fit her perfectly rather than being taken in. Thank you for sharing your talets and making it so easy to do."
Dee Dee R., Navarree, FL

"As an author / designer, I have had such a positive experience working with the staff of YCMT! Their encouragement, wisdom, and professionalism have made this website so successful. I feel that my business has grown so much as a result of working with YCMT."
Nina N., Colorado

"I love as it allows all of us mommies to be able to make beautiful things for the ones we love at affordable prices! Thank-you!"
Summer B., Missouri

"This web site has really inspired me to take my sewing to the next level. I have made things that I would probably have never attempted in the past. People stop me wherever we go and tell me I should start my own business, but I am content making things for my own little diva."
Catherin D., Virginia

"I have been so happy with my creations from YCMT. They are so informative. I love having all the color pictures that the e-book format provides. I like knowing I contact the author if I need it. And, I like always being able to print out another pattern if needed in another size without paying for a whole new pattern like you would have to with a store bought one."

"Since discovering, I've dived into sewing head first and have managed to build my confidence more and more each day. The eBooks offered on the site take all the intimidation out of sewing...each of them is so straightforward and having the pictures demonstrating the technique as you go along makes all the difference in the world. Before finding I could barely sew a straight line. Now I'm creating fabulous clothing for my daughter and people have started asking me to do custom orders for them. Many have even asked if I'm going to start selling my designs. With the confidence I've gained and the skills I've learned from using these eBooks from, I am sure that in the near future what started out as a hobby for me will evolve into an income for my family. Thank you so much to Kim and every one of the authors that contribute to this site...from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU!!!"
Jennifer T., Fairhope, Alabama

"Living at this country town -to be specific- an island, it's very difficul to find places to lear how to sew, so I dedcide to taught myself.. YCMT has been my resourse for patterns and on-vogue clothes for my little ones. There is people at church that only wait for us to see what are they wearing and I didn't know it!! I love u guys!"
Bella H.

"I just made a wrap skirt and I am now working on a matching pageboy hat for the outfit. I have really enjoyed everything that I have made from this site and have to say it has saved me time and $. The patterns are easy to follow. I haven't been sewing long. I owe everything I have learned from Thanks again."

"YCMT this has opened up a whole new avenue for many moms to "cash in" on their creativity and reach a broad audience. It's great to be able to share a technique with so many others all in one convienent site. The range of topics and skill levels is great! there's always something for everyone on!"
Megan P. - Idaho

"I have to say that Kim has WONDERFUL customer service !! She has helped me out several times when I have had questions or problems with the site in a very timely manner!! Always answers emails and you never have to ask twice!! This is why I keep coming back. THANKS for the great service and wonderful patterns.If not I couldn't make the things I have made so far."
Dulcie H. GA

"Wow, I love the entire site. I sell girls clothing on ebay but was always worried about the copywrite infractions from using a commerical pattern. I can make and sell anything from your patterns! I have purchased several books from twirl skirts to peasant shirts to jumpers! The instructions are generally easy to read and make. I usually change a few things here and there to personalize it for my sewing. Customer service is great! We lost one ebook and didn't know what to do. We emailed you and you promptly linked us up again!"
Sue W Duarte CA

"You can make this is a website that will change the way you look at the boutique world! It simplifies those beautiful custom outfits and is incredible for the beginner sewer!"
Kristin M.

"I have purchased several of the ebooks from and I'M ADDICTED! So far everything I've purchased has been easy to make, and so much fun making it my own by adding my own style to whatever I'm trying. I've even started making money off of what I've learned. I've had only one problem retrieving one of the books, and I couldn't believe how fast it was resolved. I LOVE THIS SITE. I would recomend it to anyone!"
Alicia M. Clovis,CA.

"From day one, YCMT was incredibly well put-together....a thoughtful, user-friendly website that makes shopping easy and creating even easier. The website has gorgeous photos, graphics, and interesting things to say, every time I'm there. The promotions are fabulous--I always want to participate in the creative ideas the owners come up with. Finally--this is a place I can always come to get something really unique and inspiring. I love it!"
Lorie F. Boulder, CO

"I love this site. All of the ebooks I've purchased have been written in great detail and easy to follow instructions. You won't be disappointed I promised."
Debbie M - Washington

"I stumbled across your website and became quite interested. I "window-shop" on eBay all the time but am never able to afford the sweet custom outfits for my little girl. I am hoping I can find some similar eBook patterns on for my daughter."
Beth F.

"Great site, Love it!"

"for the beginner Or more experienced sewer..... if you take your time, follow the directions,look at the pictures provided you should have no problem with any of the ebooks on they are that easy!"
marierose g Lake george,NY

"I absolutely love!!!!! I now have a total of 4 ebooks and love how detailed and well laid out they are. I haven't made everything yet, my girls have a million ideas and projects for me to do. However, everything I have made is GORGEOUS!!! I get compliments all the time and when someone asks where I got their cute outfits, I can proudly say...I MADE IT!!!! My girls even get requests from other kids at school for their mommy to make them an outfit. Thank you so much."
Christina Z. Wheatfield, IN

"YCMT is great! The instructions are easy to understand and pictures help you finish projects you never thought possible. I also had problems downloading an ebook once, and they helped me with that, soon after I emailed them about it. It's an awesome site and I look forward to other great project."
Stacie S. - So. California


"YCMT is a treasure trove! I can't find anything else like it on the web and eagerly wait for new books to arrive. The books are easy to follow and reasonably priced."
Erin B. Edmonton, AB

"I don't necessarily have a testimonial but I think your site is just a fantastic idea and you have done a wonderful job with it. Your customer service and newsletter is cheerful and your sweet personality shines through!"
Natalie K SLC, UT

"I kept seeing these great looking outfits and designs on ebay and wondering where did they get those patterns. One of the designers told me about your site and I went there immediately. I could not believe my eyes when I saw all the eBooks for all the creations I had admired on Ebay and they keep on coming. Its nice these creative people have a site to display and sell there original ideas."
Bekky S, Ontario, Canada

"I would just like to say thank you to all the ladies who provide these great ebooks. They have opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am fairly new to sewing and all the patterns I have purchased on your website have made it an enjoyable learning experience."
Leah L.

"I have been very pleased with the site and ideas. I can always count on something on this site helping me with my next project."
Kathy H

"YCMT is an excellent resource! Great eBooks! Tons of pictures. Patterns you can't find in the stores. Excellent customer service and super fast!"
Nicole L

"FUN.. FANTASTIC..PATTERNS..Fast downloads no waiting for the postie.. Bright and happy newsletters with lot's of new things to do.."
Carole B...Australia

"They are awesome! the customer service is excellant!!"

"This site is a great spot for anyone who has the desire to make their own boutique clothing. The styles are fantastic and the accessories that are available are the perfect complement to any wardrobe. The books are so easy to follow and the results are always fantastic. Truely a YCMT addict."
Christy H. Maine

"i enjoy getting my newsletter as i see other peoples creativity and ideas."
cynthia p

"I love the site. I always enjoy the newsletters and love see all the colorful ads showing the ebooks."

"It's so easy to get the projects downloaded and printed. The website is easy very to navigate."
Michelle D. Maine

"I have always had an interest in sewing but I was by no means an expert. I knew only some basic things like sewing a straight line and using my seam ripper. After buying my first e-book, I was actually able to make the skirt in the book and I was hooked! Now I have purchased many more e-books with the same fabulous results. I have learned so many more tecnniques and my confidecne is soaring!"
Elizabeth F Maryland

"I stumbled upon when browsing eBay for boutique clothes. I immediately purchased my first pattern. The stripwork top. This top was so easy to make and looked absolutely adorable when I was finished. The PDF files are always delivered quickly and customer service is great."
Amanda V.

"I found this web site very helpful and very excited when I found it quite by accident. The patterns are great. This is not the ordinary sewing/fabric site. Not boring like most sites, but pix and exciting new looks! Haven't tried the jewelry yet, but working on it"
Martha H, Severn, Maryland

"I love this site because it's gives you current, hip and fun ideas. It's for the beginner crafter as well as an experienced crafter. When I visit youcanmakethis I feel like I am hanging out with a few of my favorite girfriends."
Fay L. Decatur, GA

"I have made several items now, I a recently new to your website, and love making the items from the ebooks I have purchased."
Ellen B Rochester, NY

"i love the fact that you email me when new patterns are in, also the website is very easy to navigate and the web design is great. i am about to purchase my first epattern this week and i am very excited at the aspect of getting the pattern right away, and no fear that the pattern will be out of stock."
theresa corral lancaster, ohio

"Great designs, great customer service."
Shirley H. FL

"Each and every eBook I have purchased has helped me create a gorgeous creation for my daughter. It has also helped me fulfill one of my dreams of creating custom clothing and offering it to my friends and everyone on eBay. has been wonderful, the eBooks are received instantly and I am creating within minutes. My options are only problem was controlling myself from buying them ALL at once!"
Kelly M Tampa, FL

"As an author, the YCMT has been a wonderful choice to launch my eBooks! The marketing of my products through their website has been very beneficial and a wonderful experience."

"Great site, well developed, and easy to find your way around. Lots of lovely unusual patterns which I haven't seen before over here in the UK. Downloaded pattern within minutes!"
Debra W, England

"This is a very fun site. The pictures and the examples are great!"
Jenny U, St. Louis, MO

"I love that you get your pattern and information right away! You don't have to wait for shipping. When you get a creative urge you can get started right away with your new project!!"
Jenny F., Scott AFB, IL

"I don't live very close to a craft store that sells patterns so it is really nice to be able to download them instantly. I also like the type of patterns on the site. They are unique. I just love all the childrens clothes."
Katie M. Calhoun, GA

"i love this website! i enjoy having somewhere to go to get the help i need to make the latest trendy clothing for my kids! it is nice to get the "expert" advice and instructions from people like me that make these things everyday."
melissa s., valdosta, georgia

"Prompt service and any questions are quickly answered. Also ,if you are having trouble with say PayPal, you alert your readers ahead of time. I hope your business continues to grow-you can truly say you are helping to employ people and making the world more beautiful!"
Kathy R from Lumberton, Texas

"I have really enjoyed the books I have purchased from this site. I thought they were very thorough, easy to follow, and beautiful upon completion."
Tara M., Cinci, OH

"Excellent ebooks for your everyday mom, and for beginners."
Alana S.

"I love all the fun funky kids clothes."

"My experience with purchasing the books was flawless from beginning to end. Very self explanatory and the books are very well written. Even a novice can follow along. I love the ideas and that you can make what you see for sale for a lot of money."
Sharon F. - Texas

"I love The ebooks are very easy to follow. They have clear instructions and most of all ~ lots of pictures! I love these ebooks, I wish all patterns came this way. I also love that each ebook is put through tests before it even reaches the website. Keep up the great work!"
MaryBeth R., Grand Rapids, MI.

"YCMT has a great selection of styles and topics! It saves time searching all over the 'net for simple patterns or those patterns you 'must learn' for your crafting habit! Since starting to sew, YCMT has given me confidence to keep sewing and strive to learn new things! Thank you to all the wonderful crafters for sharing their creativity!"
Jennifer Mc. Norman Oklahoma

"I love how you instantly receive your ebooks! My experience with customer service has been wonderful! If there has ever been any kind of problem with downloading, questions about a pattern, etc., I have always received help."

"I love you can make this. I've purchased 3 patterns to date and plan on buying more. The service and products are superior."
Michele P. Ohio

"Ummm, well i absolutley love this website its the only place that ive found w/instructions to teach the Boutique. Usually i dont have problems but i did on my ebook purchase so i contacted author and she responded immediatly and willing to go out of her way to help. this place is the best."

"I love this site because I am such a do it myself person. I like to be able to figure out how to make something myself that I couldn't afford to buy. So this is the place I go if I don't know how to make it!"
Amy O. San Antonio, TX

"I love that there is a large selection of e-books available. I have purchased many of them. The books are well written and if I had any questions, the authors always responded quickly to my e-mails. I can't wait to see what e-books come out next."
Debbie KW, FL

"You Can Make has provided me with a lot of great instructions on how to make boutique items that are clear and straight forward. I went from not being able to sew to making outfits! I love being able to create new things for my daughter!"
Jen C. Illinois

"Very Fresh and New. I like your site, and check it weekly for everything. From New pictures and New items.I love to see such great creations!!!!!!!"

"I absolutely love this site. It gives me the chance to create beautiful clothing for my daughter. It also gives me the confidence in my sewing skills that I have never been able to find before. I love that every few weeks there are great new projects to try as well!"
Stefanie L Madison, WI

"I absolutely love the site -- it has so many great eBooks on things that I have been wanting to learn how to make for such a long time! I have searched the internet to no avail, but has everything I want in one great site!"
Karyn B., Deerfield Beach, FL

"I purchased "Flip Flops" ebook and it was awesome! It gave great detail, pictures, and the cool part was it also told me where to purchase my supplies. She even told how to start your own "Flip Flop" home party business. This was very detailed and my flip flops turned out so cute. I have sold alot of them and the kids just love them. Thank you!!"
Sharon H. South Carolina

"As a beginning sewer, I love having so many choices of items I can actually make. I've found the e-books to be clear, accurate, and the projects are so much fun to create! I love!"
Gwen R. Huntersville, NC

"I love this site! Nothing but good experiences. I love the weekly emails with new items, and I love every eBook I've bought (and there's many!) Keep up the ggod work!"
Beth G. Cincinnati, OH

"I love and can't wait to make my first project. If I can decide which awesome e-book to try first."
Morgan J, Missouri

"I just love the newsletter, very diverse and informative. Can't wait to try some of the patterns!!"
Windy W. Benton, AR

"When I do see you ad somewhere it is inticing. The home page is great. Pictures are great and the navigation is too!!"

" is AWESOME! The ebooks are laid out so well, real pictures make it so easy, and the authors are truly available to help! Everything that I have made off of this site (and that is a lot now!) has turned out beautifully! I am truly addicted!!!!!"
Becca R.

"I am SO hooked on this site. I love making "one of a kind" items for myself, my little girl and all my diva friends! These books are easy, fun and you will be so impressed with what you can make!"
Laura W. in AZ

"I love this website, it's on the cutting edge of the Boutique world and always has instructions on the "what's hot item" of Boutiques. I will never buy another store pattern again, the simple directions & clear pictures make it a worthwhile investment. If you think you can't, you're wrong- You Can Make This! You won't be disappointed."
Charlene P. Massachusetts

"I love how easy it is to download, great pictures to follow, and great how-to's needed to make your sewing easier and neater. Great website!"

"I have only been a customer of YCMT for a few months but I am hooked! I am inspired by the pictures of the beautiful creations that fellow customers have made every month. I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the eBooks that I have purchased and amazed at how detailed and easy to follow the instructions are. From home decor to dressing and accessorizing my little princess this site has got it covered!"
Diane M - Ohio

"I have been happy with all three books I have purchased and the customer service has been excelent!"
Cassi B

"I was hooked the first time I found the site. Everything is very clear and the e-books are very well written. I love all the pictures and the descriptions about what to expect are very true. I only wish there could be new ones every day. I am totally hooked!"
KIM M. Texas

"I would recommend to anyone who wants to expand their design line. I was so excited when I purchased my first eBook. It was as simple as 'clicking'. And within a matter of minutes, I was clicking to download and then print out my eBook! Purchase instrustions are clear and concise and easy. Download instructions are effortless."
Lynda D./Gulfcoast, Alabama

"I love your site. It's fun to come back and see the different things that are going on. I recommend your site to all of my friends that like to sew."
Andre'a F from Alabama

"I love the site, I love Kim and the emtire staff!! I honestly think that I am hooked on YCMT!!"
Felicia J. from St. Louis Missouri

"After Searching for a twirl skirt pattern I finally asked on one of my yahoo groups how to make it. I got reply after reply telling me to check out and so I did. I bought the pattern from Bowsnstuff and it was so simple and easy and trust me, I'm not an experienced seamstress. However with YCMT I have learned more over the past 6 months than I have in my entire life. the advice and tips in these books are from people who have years of experience and are happy to share it to make the creation experience more enjoyable!"
Janelle M Texas

"I made three Patchwork Twirl skirts for my daughters and niece. They made for such a wonderful portrait opportunity for Grandma for Mother's day! I love that patterns like this are available. I could never afford to buy boutique clothing, but I CAN afford to make it myself."
Amy P.-OKC

" has made it easy for me to learn so many new crafts! I have learned many new ways of doing things and have received wonderful ideas and tips from all of the ebooks I have purchased!"
Ashley M. San Antonio, TX

"YCMT has really helped launch my sewing experience! I had sewn a few doll clothes in the past, but the patterns and ideas offered caused me to really take an interest in the "boutique" world. There is always something new to get me started on my next project, and ideas of what others have made really get my creative juices flowing. When I did have a pattern question, my request for help was very promptly answered. My daughters love their new clothes! My only problem? Where to keep my new fabric stash, serger, and other enabled items that I "need" to keep going! Thanks so much!"
Jen D. Grand Rapids, MI

"I absolutely LOVE!!!! This website offers so many unique patterns that you can not find anywhere else. Everyone is so nice and helpful. It really is a great website!"
Denise W. - Wisconsin

"I love browsing the site for ideas & color combos."

"I have fallen in love with this website. Everyone is so creative and is willing to share their ideas for a small price. I am a beginner so i'm not used to all the sewing terms or able to fully understand a regular pattern. The instructions that come with these E-books are so easy to follow and any beginner could sit down and follow the easy step by step instructions, with awesome pictures. I highly recommend this site to all my family and friends who love to sew, and even some that don't have a clue about sewing. I have never had any problems and will continue buying E-books from this company."
Sonya H Tennessee

"I've had excellent experiences as a pattern seller and buyer! Purchases of my Ebook were a great supplemental income. I've bought a couple of books and they were sooooo easy to understand! LOVE them!"
Tracy E Oklahoma

"I can hardly sew a straight line and I have made the most adorable clothes for my daughter thanks to YCMT! I now make her clothes for every holiday and she is always the star of the show! Thanks for this website!"
Lisa L. FL

"Love this site! Where else can you purchase a pattern, and e-mail the designer personally if you have any questions. Wonderful support! I love the fact that I can decide I want to make something, and go over to my computer, browse, choose, purchase, print, and start creating without ever having to leave my home!"
Amy W. / Alden,NY

"I absolutely love! When I am looking for a pattern, this is the first place I go. The patterns I have bought have exceeded my expectations. I also love being able to download the pattern right away and getting started on my project without delay."
Carol S. Texas

"I love to purchase OOAK boutique items for my girls, but can't always afford the high price auctions. With the help of this site and all the patterns I have picked up a new hobby of sewing. I feel so proud when people ask where I got it and I get to tell them, "I made it!"."
Nicole L. - Texas

"So far, I have only purchased one ebook (purse pattern) but when I recieved it, I was so excited, my printer just would not print fast enough! I can be an impulsive and somewhat impatient person and this remedies the problem of "I want that NOW!" because there is no waiting - it's given to you immediatley after payment. Lastly, these women deserve many kudos for being entreprenuers (sp) and getting their work out there. Let's support their courage 100%. Yay!"
Shannon O. Atlanta, GA

"You Can Make This is definitely the ULTIMATE source for the "diy diva." They have got you covered from head to toe with something for every age."
Roxanne M. San Antonio, TX

"This is the best site to find great patterns on what is in style. You can't find pattern like this at any fabric shop. Love that they are hip, fresh, fun and boutique quality. I have bought several eBooks. They all are easy to follow and they have pictures to help guide you too. And if you are extremely stuck and can't get threw the author usually always has added there email addy to assist you... though I never have used that... it is so great for someone that does need too. My friend that doesn't sew much at all was able to follow a eBook with no problem. I would highly recommend this site to any and everyone. I love getting the email in my inbox to tell me what is new and/or just arrived. Thank you for having a one-stop shop for these hip boutique patterns."
Andrea T, N.California

"I've really enjoyed the ebooks that I've gotten from YCMT. I'm still in awe that these ladies are willing to share their secrets. So for now, I'll just keep buying them until they figure out what they're"
Susanne G. Carrollton, Tx

" is your one stop pattern shopping place for all your custom boutique patterns! You can't go wrong with anything! All the ebooks are easy step by step instructions with lots of great pictures. Everything I've made with my patterns, people rave about! makes everything so easy!"
Jenny S. Rison, AR

"With my first purchase I had a problem downloading my purchase, my computer froze up on me. I emailed you to let you know what had happened and w/o hasitation, I received a quick response."
Jennie J. Booneville, MS

"I have had very good experiences with Whenever I have had a problem, Kim has been more than helpful in solving it. I would recommend this company to anyone."
Christina B. Ledyard, CT

"I have truly enjoyed the ebooks that I have purchased. They have been great! The customer service on the site is wonderful and the ebooks get to you super fast...:)"
Chrissy H. Southern IL

"As a beginner, I have been able create things that made me look like a pro. EVERY time my daughter wears the things I made from this site, we hear so many good things about how cute her clothes are, and then they're shocked to hear that I made them. (I have not been known as much of a sewer before). Mainly I love buying from this site because I'm giving my little one something that she can treasure as she grows, something that I was able to make for her. I love that is helping me do this for her. I love all the tips and techniques that I have learned from these ebooks and I have been and will continue to use these in other things I make."
Jessica B. Two Rivers, WI

"I love You Can Make This. The site has so many helpful instructions for beginners, intermediates, and those who are advanced. I have look at the site everyday just to see what new exciting ebooks might be just arriving."
Bridgette T Texas

"You Can Make This! Has a variety of what's HOT in designs and trends and stays atop of them too! For reasonable prices, I am able to get versitile sewing patterns and designs for my growing family from ages 2 to teen! I always look forward to what will come out next! Never a dull pattern!"
Jessica J, Wisconsin

"What I love about this site is that it shares what has long been secretive. Boutiquies, as I call them have always been so secretive about their designs and how-to's but now everyone can learn how to make beautiful and unique clothing!"
Tanaya P., Detroit, MI

"This website is truly amazing! Not only does it encourage everyone to get out there and MAKE it yourself, but also provides a great way for designers to share their fabulous designs... It is a Win-Win situation in my book!"
Jill C Denver, CO

"I have had wonderful experiences with Ebooks are easy to understand, even for novices. Kim even makes technical glitches easy...all it takes is an email and viola! Thanks so much-"
Holly H. from Kansas

"layout is nice, quick download, all books I have received had nice clear instructions with photos."
Millicent D, North Carolina

"I love You Can Make!! The site is super easy to use, the categories are divided up so that you don't waste your time looking at things that don't interest you. I have had great success with every eBook I have purchased. The instructions have been clear and easy to understand. They have fueled my passion for sewing."
Brandi L. in KS

"I love buying clothing creation eBooks from YCMT. The site is easy to navigate and they offer a great preview of each eBook so you're sure to make the purchase you want, there's no guessing! I've always had fast transactions when buying my eBooks and never have a problem with the downloads."
theresa v. Poland, Ohio

" has easy to follow instructions and great diagrams and photographs to help you along the way. And I love the community where people can show off their creations. I have gotten more inspired by others creativity."
Missy K.

"I like the experience because i had trouble with paypal and i emailed and they got back to me very very quick and i love it. That is very important to me."
Catina S. KY

"Love, love, LOVE this site! I get so excited when I have a new email from Kim listing all the new books :) I get lots of ideas and inspritaion from the site - I've bought quite a few ebooks already and have many more on my "wish" if only my budget would match my desinging "needs"..."

"I am always excited to see a newsletter in my email to see what is new. I check the site often to see what I may have overlooked. I love the patterns I have purchased and have used many of the techniques I have learned to add a "little something" to store bought patterns. I have fallen back in love with creating and sewing. Thank you for great and continuing inspiration!"
Leanna W. from KY

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"Kim was recently interviewed on the ABC4 daily talk show, Good Things Utah. Click here to see pictures and for a link to view the segment online."

"Kim was recently interviewed on Boutique Cafe's Podcast! To listen to the interview, click here. And don't forget to visit Boutique Cafe - one of our favorite sites!"

"Kim was recently interviewed by! For the interview, click here.

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Brenda M./So. California

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Jennifer F. in N.C.

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Denise P Colorado

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Tara M., Corona, CA

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Misty M. TN

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Sharon B - Brisbane Australia.

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Laura G.

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I just HAD to email you and tell you how much I enjoy shopping on your website!!! I have purchased MANY of the ebooks already and look forward to more! Every ebook has been great for a beginner like me and has taught me so much. The instructions are so well written, that even I can create beautiful things! I've successfully made a fat quarter handbag, a darling Bitty Baby outfit, and appliqu?an A-line dress for my daughter. My next project is to try one of the four skirt patterns I've recently bought.

This whole concept of having boutique quality patterns all in one place is wonderful. I love the pictures that correspond with the instructions. Keep them coming ladies!!! You have a frequent shopper here!

Misty M.

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