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Coupon & Receipt Wallet Organizer by Sheryl Hastings Keep your receipts, coupons, anything organized with these cute wallets. They come in two different sizes. Smaller Wallet 4" H x 7" W x 1 1/2" D Larger Wallet 4 1/2 H x 8 1/2" W x 2" D Coupon Organizer Bag by RebeccaMaeDesigns A coupon bag for the extreme couponer in you features 2" of space for coupons, a front pocket for grocery list, store cards and TODAY's coupons, a back pocket for checkbook and calculator, a pen holder, a clasp for keys and store cards, and it even hangs on the seat of your shopping cart! Sweet! Felt Gift Card Holders, Credit Card Case, Wallet (Flower, Heart, Cupcake)) by Sheryl Hastings These cute little wallets are decorated with a flower, cupcake, and hearts. You get all three patterns! They measure 3 3/4" x 4 1/2" when folded. Inside you will find 2 pockets to hold whatever you want it to hold. What a cute way to present a gift card as a gift for someone special. Pocketbook, Coupon Organizer, Clutch Purse by Thumbprint Patterns This Pocketbook is an elegant way to organize. You can put everything in from coupons and money to make-up and jewelry. This expandable clutch will hold plenty of wonderful things and has a magnetic snap to keep it closed. *Note: These are downloadable instructions and cutting instructions for making a pocketbook.... Zippered Pouch by Precious Patterns The zippered pouch is fun and easy to make. A pattern is given for the gator applique and the flat 4” x 9 1/2” size. Instructions are included to make the pouch any size or with a bottom so it stands. Instructions are also included to attach beads or buttons to the zipper pull. The pouches can be made with a separate lining which will give the inside a finished look or with a simple lining that is sewn to the wrong side of the front and back before assembling the pouch. The pouches can be made for adults and children. They can be used as pencil pouches, cosmetic cases, coupon caddies, jewelry bags, etc. Medium to heavyweight fabrics were used for samples which make the pouches sturdier. Felt Gift Card Holders, Credit Card Case, Wallet (Owl, Cat, Dog) by Sheryl Hastings Great little all-purpose wallet that can hold anything from gift cards, to coupons, to dollar bills! Aivilo Key Chain Pouch Wallet by Aivilo Charlotte Designs Create a cute way to hold your loose change. Daisy Tank & Shorts by The Pattern Paradise This is a beautiful sunny set, perfect for the summer months. The combination of simple stitches creates textured interest.