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One for You and One for Me: Volume 1 by Corativity A half-dozen gift-worthy projects to make for yourself or share with a friend. Turtle Towel and Turtle Toy by Corativity Hooded towels feel so warm and cozy for children. They are easy to make, and become especially treasured gifts when they have been personalized. This "Turtle Towel," is personalized with a turtle applique and the child's name. The turtle toy is a stuffed, felt turtle that takes on extra personality with hand-embroidered stitches. Kids and adults can enjoy making this project together! The Quilt Sweater by Corativity Looking for the perfect cardigan? How about recycling an old sweater and then adding gorgeous, one-of-a-kind quilting onto the bottom. You now have a beautiful, wearable work of art! Teenagers Fabric Paper Dolls by Corativity These adorable fabric paper dolls will be a favorite with both children and adults! The Sweater Tote by Corativity This adorable purse is made from an old sweater! Have a sweater you love and don't want to lose? How about turning into a fun, new tote? This pattern includes instructions for sewing with sweater knits after they have been cut apart. One for You and One for Me: Volume 2 by Corativity All six easy projects in this booklet would be great to make for yourself or share with a friend. These projects are fun if you're just learning to sew, or teaching a child to sew, but they also make delightful, quick projects for those more experienced with sewing. Bundle Pack: One for You and One for Me by Corativity Do you want all the great patterns from the One for You and One for Me booklets, but also want a discount price? This is the deal for you! Bookmark with Initial Applique by Corativity This bookmark with appliqued initial is a great beginning sewing project. For those more experienced at sewing, the bookmarks make a quick and easy gift. Jean Leg Bag by Corativity This little tote has big personality! Use the leg of an old pair of jeans to make this quick, adorable bag for yourself or a friend. Upcycled Jeans Skirt with Triangle Panels by Corativity Turn an old pair of pants into a fun new skirt! This skirt can be made in any size using the directions in the pattern. You don't have to limit yourself to jeans. Other fabrics will also work and will give your finished skirt a different texture, color and attitude. Ruffle Skirt or Apron Upcycled from Jeans or Pants by Corativity Have an old pair of pants, shorts or capris? Turn them into a skirt or apron! This pattern is for all sizes. The Girl Purse from Upcycled Jeans by Corativity This little purse is quick and easy to make, and has tons of personality. You can maximize impact by starting with jeans that have already been embellished. Little girls especially love this purse and all the pockets!