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Wrap With a 4-Strand Braid (Wire-Wrapped Pendant Instructions)

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Author Gayle Bird
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As a wire wrapper, I’m constantly looking for ways to make the wrap better, easier, and more beautiful. I think we’ve all tried using a braid to wrap stones but it’s not always the most stable. I have really long hair and so I’ve done a lot of braid research - and it suddenly occurred to me to try to adapt a 4-strand braid for wire!

After some experimentation I’ve pretty well perfected it - I can wrap the slipperiest stones in about six minutes!

This technique gives you a solid foundation and allows for infinite diversions from the main steps to create a design that’s uniquely yours.

The brown beach glass shown in the promo photos is the exact one covered within the steps. I also include suggestions for several variations on the braid and how it can be applied in different ways.

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I enjoyed putting these instructions together for you.

Jewellery Tutorials are a perfect fit for me, which means my tutorials are perfect for you. Here's why:

* I'm a self-taught wire artist, since 1998, so I know what it's like to struggle with a new technique or to work without special tools, and you'll find workarounds in my tutorials. You'll also find many of my techniques are different from the usual since nobody was teaching when I was learning and I had to invent something new every time I was solving a problem!

* My day job is to write course curriculum for online, adult learners, and I'm good at it. So you'll find my tutorials have clear, concise, accurate instructions with photos for every step - even partial steps. I know how to teach you no matter how you learn best! Plus, I make jewellery to sell - and I sell a lot of it - so many of my techniques are designed to efficiently put into production, leading to tutorial stages which you can easily follow.

* I am also a graphic designer, so you'll find a consistent, readable layout on every page, photos that draw your focus to the relevant step, and constant clues to keep your place - even if you forget to staple and the whole thing falls apart!

Look for a unique wire style, lots of color, asymmetry, irregular gemstones, inexpensive non-tarnish wire, some steampunk elements, and even some polymer clay.

You keep reading, and I'll keep looking for exciting new ways to help you make jewellery!

by Kidder, Shani
on June 11th, 2015

Great ! Thank you !

by Dillashaw, Patricia
on March 30th, 2014


by Gannon, Amy
on July 5th, 2013

I bought this for my tween and teens to make. Written simple enough that they can easily understand and follow along. Great instructions for beginners!


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20ga wire
Chainnose pliers or Bent nose pliers
Flush Cutters
Roundnose pliers and/or bailmaking pliers
Flat or square-nosed pliers
Nylon-jaw pliers
Nylon, rubber, or leather mallet (optional)
A flat stone such as an agate slice or piece of stained glass

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