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Small toy breed male dog diaper belly band 9 to 11 inch waist

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Yorkshire terrier / Yorkie size male dog diaper wrap belly band sewing pattern

If you have a male dog, in the small toy breed size, Yorkshire terrier size, with a 9" to 11" waist, and he pees all over the place, or is old, can't wait to go, and having accidents, then this male dog diaper wrap belly band sewing pattern is for you!

My boyfriend's mother had me make them for her pugs, and I wish I knew about them when my dog was alive, because I would've made them for him. Then, a customer asked me to make them for her Yorkshire terrier. So far, I have patterns for the Yorkshire terrier size, and for the pug size or large toy breed, because ...those are the breeds that I've worked with, to customize patterns for. lol far. And, my Yorkie customer hasn't provided photos of her fur baby wearing the belly band, even though I've asked several times, however I do have a pdf pattern download for people to make them for their Yorkies.

The Yorkie size belly band diaper wrap is for a dog with a 9" to 11" waist, and it measures 13 1/4" wide by 3 3/4" long when finished, and only requires 1/4 yard or meter of fabric, 2"x 3" Velcro / hook & loop, and optional stretch nylon pocket, or buy 1/4 yard or meter of microfiber terrycloth, the kind that hold up to several times its weight in liquid, and have that as the entire inner lining for the belly band. Or, you can buy several microfiber terrycloth washcloths or bar mops that have the microfiber, and sew them together, so that the inner lining before sewing is 14 1/2" x 4 1/2". The outer fabric can be snuggle cotton flannel, or denim weight, but some dogs that size want something lightweight, so maybe keep with the flannel or try ripstop nylon for the outer fabric.

In this download you will receive a pattern, 1 sheet for 2 part panel to tape together, and connect with tape on both sides, and total of 4 to print. You can even hole punch around the outer edges to place the pins, heads pointing inward, to hold the pattern in place. On the printables, I have the areas marked for the Velcro sew on hook and loop closure, where to place the optional stretch nylon pocket, centered.

You do have the option of using microfiber terrycloth for the whole, entire inner lining, if you wish, where you don't need the stretch nylon pocket, used to hold a maxi pad or cut up diaper cloth in place.

Fabric requirements:

Outer fabric panel 14 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" -5" long piece: Options of using 1/4 yard of snuggle cotton flannel, sold on, 1/4 ripstop nylon, or 1/4 yard of denim / canvas / bottom weight fabric

inner lining 1/4 yard for cotton flannel, or 1/4 yard for microfiber cloth or denim. cut 14 1/2"wide x 4 1/2" or 5" long piece: can be entirely microfiber terrycloth, sold at and 2 other online stores, or go to any store that sells it in their cleaning supplies, bar mops, or home improvement stores - just make sure its the type of microfiber labeled on the packaging, that says it hold several times the weight of the microfiber itself, it will probably have polypropylene in its fiber content. You can also use snuggle cotton flannel or denim / bottom weight - microfiber terry cloth can be bought by the yard at for $16 per yard, also at $12.95 per yard, and at $12.90 per yard

hook and loop for closure: Velcro sew on brand, also available and, 1/8 yard, cut 1 strip of 2" wide hook & loop 3 inches or 2x3". offers 2" wide hook and loop, just buy 3" per belly band. Joann Fabrics also sells the 2" wide hook & loop Velcro sew on brand for about $8 per yard, which would yield you 36 strips, or 36 bellybands. Don't forget to use their store coupons, because you can save up to 50% sometimes even 60% off.

roll of thread the color of the outer fabric, hook and loop, the microfiber terrycloth, and/or stretch nylon - best bet is to buy a big roll of quality white thread

optional stretch nylon pocket : 1/4 yard, cut piece 8" x 5", opening has finished hem edge, 3 sides are sewn to belly band for pocket - stretch nylon is found in the dance wear or swimwear section of the fabric store.

Thank you!
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outer lining: 1/4 yard of snuggle cotton flannel, ripstop nylon, or denim / bottom weight, cut piece 14 1/2" - 15" wide by 4 1/2" to 5" long

inner lining 1/4 yard of microfiber terry cloth, the kind that holds several times its weight in liquid, usually listed with 15% give or take made with polypropylene as one of its fiber types, or snuggle cotton flannel, cut piece 14 1/2" - 15" wide by 4 1/2" to 5" long

velcro / hook & loop 2" wide x3 inches long by Velcro brand or at

thread : one large roll of white 2500m, plus one large roll for the color in the background of the outer fabric

optional: stretch nylon found in the dance wear or swimwear aisle 1/4 yard cut to 9" wide x 4 1/2" to 5" long