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Ribbon Roses and Leaves Tutorial

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Make ribbon roses and leaves with this tutorial, how to, photo & text, step by step instructions!

6 pages, 2 pages at the end give you photos & text, step by step instructions, on how to take lengths of floral colored ribbon and leaf colored ribbon strips, and turn them into ribbon roses and leaves.

All you need are ribbon for each rose, in a pleasing floral color, like pink, cream, lavender, raspberry, purple, yellow, peach, red, white, or go bold and use blue violet like Royal Doulton uses in their Moonlight Rose china pattern. Then cut strips of leaf or grass colored ribbon to turn them into leaves.

You will learn how to make a linen fold with making the ribbon roses, and use a figure 8 shape for the ribbon leaves.

You can get up to 30 - 3/4" diameter ribbon roses from a 10 yard or meter roll of ribbon. You can get about 45 to 60 ribbon leaves from 10 yard or meter roll of ribbon.

And you can use any width of ribbon. This tutorial shows you how to use 1/4" or 3/8" (3mm wide) ribbon and turn them into roses and leaves, but you can use wider ribbon, just use a longer length of ribbon.

All you need are rolls of ribbon, sewing needles for hand sewing, and a roll or coordinating thread that closely matches the color of the ribbon rose. I use the bigger rolls of thread that are over 1000 meters, bc you'll need about a meter or a yard of thread, and that amount will stitch up to 3 ribbon roses and leaves.

Its a great project to do while watching your favorite movie, or watching Disney animated movies, something I do, and doing them together, I find it very calming and relaxing. I can do up to 12 ribbon roses in an hour, but I've been doing it for 13 years. You may start out making 3 up to 6 ribbon roses an hour. When they are finished, its rewarding. And then from there, after doing many, you can play with how you make them. I mention that in the tutorial, certain tips.

I created / invented the washable, sewn, fabric photo frame in 2006, and I've been making ribbon roses and leaves since 2004. I began making both for my customer, who has bought what has felt like hundreds of ribbon roses and leaves satin photo frames from me. I will have the tutorial to purchase, with step by step photo & text instructions soon on YouCanMakeThis / YCMT. My download of patterns to make the washable, sewn & no sew, fabric photo frames is available here at

Thank you!

Kristie Hubler, artist, designer, card maker, photographer, author, inventor


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length of ribbon 3/8" wide by 9", 12", up to 18" long, flower color
thread the same color as the flowered colored ribbon

length of ribbon 3/8" wide by 4-6" long, grass or leaf color
thread the same color as the flowered colored ribbon

hand sewing needle

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