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Mustang Collection Stick Horse

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Author Rustic Horseshoe
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by Harper
on December 25th, 2016

“Very, very cute. This is an after Christmas project. I have all the supplies now.”

This is my Mustang Collection Stick Horse, which is the third stick horse design I have created (not counting numerous other stick animal designs). I created this design the beginning of 2015. Released January 2016 in a Pattern & Tutorial.

This is my original design/pattern, designed by me with a trusty pencil, big eraser and paper.

A Rustic Horseshoe Original Design, all rights reserved, copyright 2009-2016.


This pattern is the first in a new format for my patterns & tutorials. The format makes it even easier to follow step by step instruction with photos accompanying each step. It is written for the beginner sewer to clearly understand.

In this tutorial/pattern you will receive:

Detailed step by step instructions
Photos that accompany each step
Full size pattern templates for the Horse and Pony sizes
Tips for the best results
Options for some steps that can be done in a couple different manners
List of vendors for items such as the safety bolted eyes I use, etc

Pattern templates print out on 8.5 x 11 inch paper on a standard home printer, some pieces need to be joined with tape to create the full piece.

Nothing will be mailed to you, this is a digital file only. This listing is for the digital pattern and tutorial for Rustic Horseshoe's Mustang Collection stick horse and pony.

I am also available via e-mail for any questions you may have along the way...I stand behind my products and will help you through any steps the best I can.


Confident Beginner


*~26" tall
*Dowel is 7/8" diameter
*Weighs about 1 pound
*Head is ~9.5" from base of neck to top of the head (excluding ears) and ~9" from the nose to neck and ~4" wide
*Ideal age range up to about 3.5 to 4 years old (Varies by child)

*~40" tall *dowel can be cut to a shorter length upon request
*Dowel is 1" diameter
*Weighs about 2 pounds
*Head is ~13.5 inches from base of neck to top of head (excluding ears) ~13" from nose to neck and ~6" wide
*Ideal age range around 3.5 to 7+ years old (varies by child)


Copyright and Terms of Use
I create my patterns by hand, picturing my end product and carefully drawing out each piece with a trusty pencil and eraser. Then the trial, error and correction process begins until I reach my end design. I have put a lot of hard work in to developing my patterns and putting them in a tutorial form and I greatly appreciate your honesty and respect of my copyright.

This pattern/tutorial may not be reproduced, shared, distributed or sold for any purpose in part or whole. This includes sale, sharing or distribution by any means including but not limited to electronic methods (e-mail, etc), hardcopy methods (printed, etc). No part of this pattern may be used to create another tutorial or pattern, all content and photos are copyright protected.
Proof of purchase:
Please retain a copy of your sale receipt as proof of purchase
Sale of items made from this pattern
You may create items from this pattern/tutorial to sell, however, they may not be mass produced, such as on a large commercial scale. It is intended for home crafters only. The responsibility lies with you to follow any laws regarding age related safety protocols for the construction and labeling of any items made by you and sold using this tutorial as craftsmanship and material choices vary. For the design, Please give credit where credit is due as follows:
Craft Fairs/Trade Shows:
Please note on a removable hang tag that this item is “made from a Rustic Horseshoe design” I have provided some basic printable tags for your convenience.
Online Listings/sales:
Please give credit to Rustic Horseshoe for the design/pattern using a statement in your item description as follows “made from a Rustic Horseshoe Original Design pattern”
Alterations to the patterns for items made for sale:
You may make alterations to this pattern; however, you must still note on a hang tag or in your online information/listing that it is made from a Rustic Horseshoe Original Design pattern or an altered Rustic Horseshoe Original Design pattern.

Note: provides this copyright & terms of use policy review as a courtesy to our site users and eBook authors. The copyright policy applies to the associated eBook and is specified and owned by the individual eBook author.

 ~1/2 yard duck canvas for head (minky, cotton, etc can also be used)
 ~1/8 yard duck canvas for muzzle
 4” x 2” piece of duck canvas for nostrils
 Any additional canvas needed for custom markings
 ~4” x 4” piece of iron-on adhesive such as Heat N Bond (more if applying custom markings) *alternatively you may use spray adhesive.
 ¾ skein yarn
 7” strip of 1” wide cotton webbing (for base of neck trim)
 ~16 oz poly-fil (fiber filling) (~10oz for pony size)
 Eyes (I prefer 30mm safety bolted eyes)
 1” x 36” wooden dowel (for horse size) or 7/8” x 24” wooden dowel (for pony size)
 11” Zip Tie (optional to use in place of staples…see “Notions” section below)
 1” long piece of ½” wide hook and loop tape (Velcro)
 Interfacing for applique (optional when using canvas)
 1/4 yard duck canvas or cotton print fabric, etc (for bridle)
 4 jumbo brads (optional bridle embellishment)
 1 1½” wooden ball with either a 1” hole (horse size) or 7/8” hole (pony size) drilled in about ½ inch (this is optional and is for the end of the dowel that goes inside the head to help keep the dowel from eventually rubbing through the fabric) (if you want a ball on the end of the stick, you’ll need a second one)

by C. Hurst
on March 30th, 2017

Love this pattern! Easy to follow with great results. I even went back and purchased the unicorn horn pattern to go with it. Thanks

by Harper
on December 25th, 2016

Very, very cute. This is an after Christmas project. I have all the supplies now.

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