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Make 8 paper, or washable fabric sew or no sew, photo frame sizes

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The picture frame is back! Make sewn or no sew, WASHABLE, fabric OR card stock paper, tabletop or wall hanging, photo frames, with patterns for 8 frame sizes, including the popular 2x3" size from Instax, Prynt, Polaroid, and HP Sprocket instant print camera and smartphone devices.

4 popular companies are selling cameras or phone printer devices that instantly print 2x3" photos!

These frames are great as gifts, use as table place card frames, wedding or shower favors, an alternative to cards, invitation or poem holder, art display, sign holder, menu holder, use as hanging ornament, or badge, with removable strut leg, and insert a brooch pin back! Many of the parts are removable or interchangeable!

You can even print the patterns onto card stock paper, fill in with artwork, decoupage, photos, then scan with a scanner, then print the designs onto washable, colorfast, inkjet printer fabric sheets, to make your own designs onto fabric!

8 sizes / patterns included along with photo & text, step by step instructions, supply lists, and links to buy supplies online, frames for photo sizes:

1 1/2" x 2 1/2" kid school photos
2 1/2" x 3 1/2" wallet size
2 sizes for 4x6"
2 sizes for 5x7"

Just use 2 lengths of ribbon, paper card stock, hot glue, and a low temp hot glue gun for paper photo frames!

For washable, no sew, fabric frames, use 2 lengths of ribbon, fabric, Ultrahold iron on paper back fabric adhesive interfacing, hot glue, and a low temp hot glue gun!

This frame pattern is unique, in that you can print these patterns onto paper card stock OR washable, colorfast, inkjet printer fabric sheets by June Tailor or Prym Printed Treasures brand fabric sheets, 8 1/2" x 11" size! Its also unique, in that the fabric picture frames are WASHABLE! I test them myself.

The fabric frame patterns are printed directly onto Therm o Web HeatnBond Ultrahold, using your inkjet printer! Just cut the 8 1/2" x 11" pieces from a 5 yard roll of Ultrahold, you can get up to 32 - 8 1/2" x 11" pieces from a 5 yard roll, and you'll need 2 rolls for all the frames in the download. Ultrahold is acid free, great for photos, and is a paper back, iron on, fabric adhesive, also adheres to wood and paper, and the patterns get ironed to the back of the fabric panels. You get 6 panel patternss that fit on one sheet for the 2 smallest frames, 2 sheets for the wallet size, up to 16 sheets of Ultrahold or half the roll, for the frame for the 8x10" photo, creating 10 panel patterns for that size.

You do have the option of sewing the outer edges of the panels together. If you do decide to sew the frames, use the pack of sheets prepackaged of HeatnBond Lite or Featherlite, sold in 10 sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" per pack, buy 2 or 3 packs if you make all 8 sizes included in the download, for washable, sewn, fabric photo frames. HeatnBond Lite or Featherlite are made for sewing with a sewing machine. Print patterns onto Lite or Featherlite, vut out patterns, then iron them to the back of the fabric panels, cut out the holes, you can use embroidery like scissors, Fiskars makes a nice nonstick pair, cut away excess corners, then fold and iron your seam allowances to the back and iron down. Connect panels 2 and 3 with 1/8" wide ribbon, 2 feet up to 7 feet long, depending on the frame size, then sew. Just make sure to leave openings at the top for the photo and its protective sleeve, an acid free, clear sheet protector page, cut to the size of the photo, also a pocket opening on the back for the easel back board and a pocket on the strut leg for the strut leg board. Both board patterns are included for all 8 sizes, although, you don't need them for the 4 smallest frames, and you can transfer the board patterns onto mat board or cardboard, 1/16" thick. The easel back and strut leg boards are removable, for washing the frames.

You can laminate the paper, decoupage the paper, or even use Therm o Web iron on clear vinyl to seal the surface!

Just cut out your panel patterns, cut along the guidelines, cut away excess corners with guidelines provided

Also note, the 2 smallest frames are convertible to brooch jewelry lapel pin button badges, and hanging holiday ornaments! Their easel back panels have 2 holes centered to hold a bar style, 1 1/4" long, metal brooch pin back in place, removable, interchangeable with the removable strut leg panel pocket, attached with Velcro sew on hook and loop that is hot glued on or use the sticky back kind, attached at the top of the strut leg to the easel back panel, and also the bottom right corner of the easel back and the folded twice in ribbon tail that extends out from the strut leg pocket. 2 holes are also made for threading ribbon through to hang as ornaments!


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fabric - 1/4 yard, 1/4 yard, 1/4 yard, 1/2 yard, 3/4 yard, 1 1/2 yard, 1 1/2 yard, up to 2 yards from smallest to largest frame size

Ultrahold - two to three 5 yard rolls required for making all 8 sizes in download, each 5 yard roll yields 32 - 8 1/2" x 11" pieces per roll, one 8 1/2" x 11" piece for 2 smallest frames, 2 pieces for wallet size, up to 16 pieces or half a roll for frame for 8x10" photo

pack of acid free, clear, sheet protector pages for protective photo sleeves, cut to size of photo - one page yields 12 sleeves for 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" photo size, while one page is for an 8x10" photo - found at Walgreens, Walmart, and Target, just make sure that the package is labeled "acid free"

mat board or cardboard 1 board 32x40" or 20x30", 1/16" thick

2 lengths of ribbon:
one length 1/8" wide by 2 feet up to 7 feet, depending on size, thread through holes on panels 2 and 3 to connect them to make photo pocket

one length of ribbon 9" long by 7/8" to 1 1/2" wide, depending on frame size, sandwiched between bottom right edge of bendable, strut leg pocket panels, ribbon tail that protrudes is brought under frame's bottom edge, cut 2 Velcro hook and loop tab lengths (use box space printed on patterns for sizing) in front of frame's bottom edge, while standing, strut leg pitched out, fold in twice, hot glue, then hot glue hook and loop tab on, with other hook and loop hot glue to easel back panel's bottom right corner, in box space printed, use that for sizing

Velcro or any brand, sew on hook & loop 3/4" wide by 1 yard, should do all 8 sizes of frames in download. Look for this in the $1 bin in Joann Fabrics.

pack of bar style, metal, 1 1/4" or 35mm long, brooch pin backs

1 foot length of extra ribbon to thread through hole on easel back of frame, to hang frame as an ornament

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