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LTB Hair Bow Instructions

Format PDF (Download Only)
Author Little Tootsie Boutique
Price $7.99
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by R. Rodriguez
on September 1st, 2018

“a lot of cute bow ideas ! easy to make also!”

Learn 17 different techniques for making Boutique Hair Bows. Complete instructions with clear, detailed photos for each step and resources for buying all the necessary supplies.

This book contains 68 pages and 244 full color photos.


© 2008 Little Tootsie Boutique, You may do what you wish with the bows you made using my instructions and techniques. However, NO PART of this E-book may be copied, reproduced, or redistributed in any way.The information in this book may not be copied, reproduced or republished.

Note: provides this copyright & terms of use policy review as a courtesy to our site users and eBook authors. The copyright policy applies to the associated eBook and is specified and owned by the individual eBook author.

Note: provides this copyright & terms of use policy review as a courtesy to our site users and eBook authors. The copyright policy applies to the associated eBook and is specified and owned by the individual eBook author.

by R. Rodriguez
on September 1st, 2018

a lot of cute bow ideas ! easy to make also!

by wilson, marcia
on August 14th, 2018

I really like this step by step is how I learned to make bows

by Karlie
on July 21st, 2017

Easy to follow instructions. Thanks.

by Rhodes, April
on March 8th, 2017


by Martin, Eva
on October 25th, 2015

Great ebook. Easy to follow instructions!!! Love it. Thank you!!!

by shampo, michelle
on September 12th, 2015

easy directions!! and love the different types!!

by T. Philpott
on April 12th, 2015

I love hairbows very easy to use

by Ong, Jennifer
on June 5th, 2014

Very easy and simple to

by Porche, Lisa
on May 10th, 2014

Easy to follow directions especially for someone who isn't too crafty. Thanks!! These are great!

by shilling, lora
on February 6th, 2014

Very informative instructions, easy to use

by Harwell, Latoya
on January 18th, 2014

Love all the variations!!

by Cdagan
on October 18th, 2013

I have made several bows already. This is a great book with easy to follow instructions.

by Boyd, Natalie
on August 2nd, 2013

I have had fun making bows with these instructions.

by Sharpe, Donna
on July 31st, 2013

Want to make all different types of bows? This is the pattern for you!

by t. bernal
on April 13th, 2013

I find this really helpful! There are many different bows you can make!! Thanks!

by Gannon, Amy
on March 23rd, 2013

bought this for my 10 year old daughter to start making bows. I have had a bit of trouble trying to save these instructions and to get them printed out, but over all I think my daughter is happy with them.

by Skeen, Andrea
on October 16th, 2012

Great e-book. Great instructions!! I have made tons of bows for my girls!!

by Freckles
on July 13th, 2012

nice clear made a bunch of bows to go with dresses I made, my daughter is so happy!

by anderson, cheryl
on June 15th, 2012

The is the best ebook I have brought so far. There are so many variations to choose from. I make them all the time. I took someones advise from a review and sort all the necessary supplies in baggies that makes it easier to travel with when going to doctors appts, or waiting for dance lessons to finish. Thanks for this wonderful ebook.

by Hand, Linda
on June 13th, 2012

love the way you went from simple to more advanced bows great to learn from.

by Meier, Lydia
on May 4th, 2012

So many bows I don't know which one I love the most! The instructions and tons of photos make it really easy to "get" how to make bows. Great ebook!

by litteken, amber
on April 27th, 2012

easy to follow and the pictures are so helpful.

by Miles, Carol
on April 22nd, 2012

Great information

by Summerj218
on April 21st, 2012

Great tutorial! Very easy to follow and understand the instructions.

by Shannon
on April 11th, 2012

Great for beginers as it teaches all the steps of bow making.
I love it!

by Putznanu
on March 26th, 2012

This is a great tool for anyone - beginner or advanced - who like to or wants to make boutique quality bows. Great, easy to follow instructions. I have been making bows like crazy - too bad I don't have any kids. lol

by thornbrugh, christy
on March 23rd, 2012

thats of fun with all these

on March 16th, 2012

This is a great book! I really enjoy the easy instructions. I've made several bows for my daughters and nieces. I would recommend this book to anyone!!

by Zingelmann, Audra
on March 15th, 2012

This was the first tutorial that got me started on making bows. Great, detailed instructions. Each bow truly turned out as described. Very smart choice to buy this tutorial!

by Atwater, Jennifer
on February 18th, 2012

Very detailed and graduates from simple bows to more complex, each fancier bow building on skills honed earlier on in the book. Because it is structured this way, it can be a bit difficult to jump in and try a more advanced bow without first getting clear in your mind how to do the simpler ones, as the directions build on each other. Definitely helpful in deciphering how boutique bows are constructed and a great launching point for creativity.

by moller, Angela
on February 5th, 2012

This e-book is awesome! It has all the info you would need to start making your daughter or any little girl hair bows. I was really impressed with how much detail was included and how easy it was to follow the directions!

by green, nadine
on February 4th, 2012

Love it thank you.. My girls love the bows can't stp making them..

by Smith, Christine M
on January 24th, 2012

I bought this ebook quite some time ago and have made almost 100 bows for my daughter. The authors instructions are so easy to follow and there are so many variations. The bows are quick to make and it is so much more affordable than buying them!

by Davis, Casey
on January 24th, 2012

Very easy to follow instructions. Helpful pictures.

by haynes, jessica
on January 14th, 2012


by Marcie
on August 1st, 2001

This is the second type of bow making manual I have purchased and this one is by far the best, especially if you are a beginner. On a "craftiness" scale of 1-10, I would rate myself a 3 and I have already tried several types of the bows styles and have had great success. The book is very informative, with great pictures, and goes from the basics for those who need it, to more fancy (I would say complex, but even the more advanced styles are not that difficult). I would definitly recommend this manual!

by Christine
on August 1st, 2001

I ordered this yesterday and was up quite late last night making bows! I emailed the author once with a question and she got back to me withing the hour. This book is beyond informative. It provides instructions for so many different bows and gives ideas how to make others. The instructions are very clear and the pictures are great.

by lisa
on August 1st, 2001

Brought this book yesterday and WOW. i haven't started yet, mainly because I want to do everything at ONCE. It's a great book. I have brought a couple (just to see what types of bows there are), and this is the best one by far (I wish I Had bought it first). Very detailed with EASY PEASY instructions. My little girl has been picking which bows she wants. Highly recommended.

by Tina Brown
on August 1st, 2001

Thanks!! This is a great ebook! I have already made several bows and my Daughter in loving them

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