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You will get everything but the kitchen sink in this download, to make a handmade, fabric photo frame - 2 structure designs are WASHABLE!

I'm not going to lie - this download is massive in size - 261 pages!
HOWEVER, you get 8 pattern sizes, for each of the 4 structure types:
fabric covered mat board photo frames
fabric covered mat board photo frames with 2 holes on the covered easel back & strut leg boards, to thread ribbon through & tie to connect the parts, in case you want to try cutting wood or chipboard, or just want to use a harder board than cardboard or mat board.
washable, sewn, fabric photo frames
washable, NO SEW, fabric photo frames

There are 4 parts to my frames:
frame front border (FFB) - front of frame with picture window (PW) or area where photo shows through
frame middle (FM) - sandwiched between the FFB and EB panels
easel back (EB) - back of the frame, has holes or button holes for hanging, and the strut leg is attached at its top to the EB, & the bottom right corner of both the strut leg & easel back are connected with ribbon

The frames have a pocket for the photo and its protective sleeve, which is a cut up, acid free, sheet protector page, cut to the size of the photo, in the front. On the washable, sewn & no sew, fabric photo frames, I have easel back & strut leg pockets on the back, with removable mat board easel back & strut leg boards.

The 2 smallest frames convert from a tabletop frame to a fashion brooch jewelry frame pin by just removing the strut leg, attached by velcro / hook & loop, and inserting a removable metal pin back! That's 8 brooch pin frames, 4 of which are washable!

I keep mentioning "washable" - yes, 2 structure types, that's 16 frames are made to be washable! Just remove the photo and its sleeve & the boards, place the frame in a comfortable lingerie bag, in the washer on the delicate, cold cycle, use mild detergent like Woolite or Woolwash from the Dollar Store. You can put the washable frames in the dryer on the lowest heat setting for 15 minutes, but I'd air dry them standing on a towel. Remember, there is a lot of adhesive in these frames.

Speaking of adhesive, that is my not so secret ingredient, in making these frames, and allowing for half of them to be washable - I use Therm o Web Heat n Bond Ultrahold, by the 5 yard roll, from Michaels for $10 per roll. I get 32 - 8 1/2" x 11" pieces from it to print my patterns on. ALL of the patterns can be printed on Ultrahold. You will see throughout the download that I highlight "Ultrahold" in red, to guide you, on what to print onto Ultrahold.

I have a big table of contents that acts as your guide, to refer to, to see which pattern to go to, on what page. And if you want to just do one frame, no problem - find that size, that structure type, and just print its pattern pages, one at a time, on your printer!

As you will see, this download is INCREDIBLY detailed. I do that because I want you to make & have professionally looking fabric photo frames. I've been doing this for 15 years, and this is a major labor of love for me. I've had customers ask to make their own, and now, I've decided to combine all of the structures, all of the patterns into one gigantic download. Thank you!


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fabric from 1/4 yard for each of the 3 smallest frames, up to 2 yards for the frame for the 8x10" photo
Therm o web Heat n Bond Ultrahold, an acid free, paper backed, iron on, fabric adhesive, that you print the patterns onto with your inkjet printer - up to 2 rolls to do all 8 sizes for each type of frame structure
mat board or cardboard
ribbon: 1/8" wide, 3/8" wide, 7/8" wide, 1 1/2" wide, in different lengths, from 9" long to 7 feet long, depending on which frame is being made
50 page pack of acid free sheet protector pages, for protective photo sleeve
pack of straight pins
embroidery scissors - sharp and pointy end
iron with denim weight needles
fabric & paper scissors
utility knife

specific quantities are listed for all 8 sizes, for each of the structure types, in the download
paper trimmer
ruler, pen, & Sharpie marker
quality hole puncher