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Gymnastics Leotard 1

by Tobi Sellekaerts

Project Details

The Leotards 1 pattern is powerful in its simplicity! You can divide up the fabric space however you'd like, as long as you leave some extra fabric for the seam allowance. I wanted to stretch the flower pattern in these leotards so I only used it for half the leotard, and did the rest in plain black. I made marks on the pattern pieces front and back to indicate the halfway point (measuring on the sides of the leotard, not the front or back - where the side seam comes together and you want to make sure they colors line up) then drew a straight horizontal line perpendicular to the line indicating the grain of the fabric. In the future I want to experiment with other shapes like zig-zag and V. Foldover elastic adds a fun bit of color to the arm and neck openings.

Gymnastics Leotard 1

Tank style gymnastics leotards.

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