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Jewelry Patterns

Bring a little bling and sparkle into your life! Jewelrymaking is a fun and rewarding art and the outcome is beautiful and expressive. Download a jewelry pattern and make a necklace, ring, bracelet and more. Handmade jewelry makes a great gift, too.

$6.95 Make Your Own Itsy Bitsy Spider Hairbow $7.95 Make Your Own Gingerbread Hairbows! $8.95 Fabric and Ribbon Beads $8.95 Bottle Cap Jewelry $6.99 How to Make Beaded Flower Charms $14.95 How to Make a Double or Triple Strand Bracelet $12.95 How to Make an Initial Bracelet $9.95 Gigi's Guide to Wire Wrapping $9.95 Bubble Glass Soldered Art Pendants Made Easy! $12.95 How to Make Custom Soldered Glass Art Pendants $7.95 Beaded Rings $7.95 Bracelets $9.95 Gigi's Guide to Faux & Cluster Fringe Bracelets $12.95 Hand Soldered Art Glass Collage Pendants $9.95 Bling It From Head to Toe $5.00 Pony-O Bow Instructions Bonus TomBoy Bow $7.00 Woven Headbands $8.00 How to Knit Boutique Hairbands $23.00 Bundle Pack: Make Gorgeous Fringe Jewelry! $3.95 Soda Shop Bling! Patterns $7.00 Adjustable Basketweave Woven Headbands $6.99 Have 2 Have Fabric Covered Headbands $6.95 Jewelry Making "How to" eBook $9.95 Ruffle Ribbon Socks and Matching Boutique Style Double Hair Bows $9.99 Lamb's ABC Bow Instructions - How to Make Beautiful Hairbows Just Like a Pro! $9.95 Boutique Head to Toe $5.00 How to Create and Seal Bottle Caps the Simple Non-toxic Way $0.00 NewsletterSubscriber Bundle: Flower Loopy Bow $8.95 BabyPrincessJewels Boutique Jeweled Headband and Boutique Bracelet Instructions Ebook $15.00 BabyPrincessJewels Boutique Jeweled Barrette, Fringe Barrette and Pony Tail Bling Instructions Ebook $4.95 Fru-Fru Elastics $4.95 How to Make Winter Snowman Hair Clippie $7.00 Braided Ribbon Headbands $14.95 Hair Clippy Guide with Bonus Hairbow eBook $6.99 Easter Scarf $5.00 LTB Hair Bow Instructions $7.50 Crochet a Faux Braided Headband $5.99 Fabric Flowers for your Hair $18.00 Custom Photo Jewelry $17.00 Scrabble Tile Jewelry $5.00 Ribbon Key Fobs $8.00 Bundle Pack: Ribbon Key Fob & PonyO's Bonus Tomboy Bows $3.00 Bottle Cap Bracelets & Bottle Cap Ribbon Necklaces $6.99 Winter Wonderland Ribbon Art Hair Clippies $3.00 HandBeaded Crocheted Rings $0.00 FREE! Fabric Headband - Sizes Baby-Adult $3.99 Spikey Bows $2.95 Stretchy Knit Headband with Bow $25.00 Bundle Pack: Baby Princess Jewels 9 ebooks! $6.00 Boutique 5 Petal Flower Clip Instructions $5.00 Triptych Ring $5.00 Coiled Donut Centerpiece - Jewelry $8.00 American Flag Loopy & Flower Bow Instructions $2.99 The "It's a Cinch!" Double-Drawstring Jewelry Pouch $4.00 Barefoot Sandals Foot Jewelry $6.00 Mirrored Key Rings $0.00 Frayed Rosettes $4.99 Corsage & Boutonnière $3.99 Bamboo Bead Necklace $5.00 Curly Ostrich & Marabou Puff Hair Accessory $3.50 Simply Scrappy Garden Blooms $7.50 Starlet La Fleur Vintage Rose $6.50 Juliette La Fleur Flower $14.50 Lyla Rose Vintage Luxe Fascinator Headband $8.50 Duchesse Vaya Couture Bib Necklace (Flower How-to's Sold Separately) $6.95 Smashingly Successful Online Sales $40.00 Bundle Pack: SnazzieDrawers 7-Pattern Collection; Bib Necklace, Skirt, and More $5.00 Three Little Pigs and Wolf Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clips $7.50 Audrey Flower Pattern $4.99 Ladybug Purse with Matching Headband $8.40 Fun, Funky Loopy Bows Tutorial $6.50 Ava Flower Pattern $4.00 Pop Tab Plarn Crochet Bracelet $7.90 Beyond Twisted: Pinwheel bows, Mum flower bows & Baby snap clips $3.95 The Natalia Flower $4.00 Calla Lily Flower Crochet Pattern $5.00 Funky Over the Top Boutique Bow $4.90 Multi-color Braided Slide Barrettes $1.99 Birthday Cake Hair Clip $8.40 Beautiful Boutique Bows and Amazing Headbands $4.95 The Elizabeth Headband: Ruffles 'n Roses $8.40 Edición en Español: How to Make Hair Bows (Lazos/Moños) Instrucciones $6.90 The Catherine Headband: Gardenias and Ruched Flowers