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What to do if you're having trouble downloading

How we deliver your purchase to you

At the end of checking out, we present a receipt page that has download links on it that you can use to download your purchases. We also send you an email with the download links in it. Finally, if you have a free account with us and are signed in at purchase, we automatically place your downloads in a special "My Library" section you can access online (there are other cool things you can do with an account too, like earn purchase points and maintain a wishlist).

Note: We do not ship anything to your address! All purchase are for download only.

Things to try if you can't download purchases

First, it is possible that your software needs to be updated in order to view the files you have purchased. To do this, visit // and download and install the newest free version of Adobe Reader. After you have done this please try opening your files again.

Second, you may need to adjust your security settings on your computer.

Another thing to try is to save the file to your computer and then open it.

Still not working?

If none of the above work, feel free to send us a help request using the form on the "Contact Us" page. Select "Product Download Help" from the "Regarding" drop-down field.