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Crafts & Hobbies Templates

This section features a wide variety of how-to guides for hobby and craft projects. You can find everything from toys to printables and digital scrapbooking to home decor projects. Browse around to find something that speaks to you!

$5.00 Christmas Advent Cards $5.00 E-I-E-I-O - Quiet Book $4.95 Antique Sewing Machine Dust Cover $4.99 Mod Owl Stuffie/Pillow $5.00 Sunburst {Dresden Plate} Notepad Cover $7.95 Needle Felted Mushroom Fairy House $9.00 3 Extra Large Christmas Stockings $6.00 Boutique Style Fabric Headband w/Flower $7.50 Deck the Walls $5.00 Smash Box Toss $11.50 Cleo the Cow Pattern $5.00 Knit Fabric Headband $7.00 Kitties in the Pumpkin Patch $0.00 FREE Headband for your Honey $0.00 FREE Simple Tied Tutus $8.99 Yo-Yo Halloween $7.99 One for You and One for Me: Volume 2 $3.99 Washcloth Octopus $6.95 Three Flags $7.00 Fall Spice Candy Corn Coasters Towels $12.00 Nutcracker, Sugar Plum Fairy, Clara Ribbon Sculpture Tutorial Bundle Pack $9.99 Play Then Store Away Play Mat & Tote $5.00 Stacked Boutique Bow Instructions $13.00 Animal Ribbon Sculptures Bundle Pack $6.75 Easy Peasy Pinwheel Bow Pattern and more... $0.00 Honey Bears and pocket beds $7.00 Fall Spice Pumpkins coasters/towel set $10.00 Fabulous Bows: Simple to understand instructions $3.99 Bird Finger Puppets $8.99 Petitfore Pincushions $9.99 Yo Yo Elf $3.99 Spring Finger Puppets $4.00 Felt Cardinal ornament plush bird $9.99 Clothesline Carry All $4.00 Funny Money $9.99 My Garden Zips $8.99 Folk Art Jingle $9.00 We're All Mad Here $6.00 It’s A Bunny Thing $6.00 Simpler Time Notebook $4.50 Basic 2 & 3 Layer Diaper Cake $5.50 The Cora and Diana Felt Flowers $5.00 Easter Egg Gift Pouch $6.00 Crochet Hooks at Home $6.00 Lens Luggage Camera Strap pattern $6.00 The Traveler Luggage Tag sewing pattern $8.00 Kid's Condo Tote $0.00 Make a Flower Filled Ornament $9.50 Funky Flower Headband Pattern $6.00 I heart Bowling sewing pattern $7.99 Turn A Tie Flower ePattern $7.50 Fabric Pom Pom Mobile Tutorial $7.00 Button Basket $7.00 Reversible Fabric Headbands in 3 sizes. Child, Youth, Adult $2.99 Bookmark with Initial Applique $4.95 Diva Dishtowels Gift Set #2 (Teal) $4.00 Heart Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip Tutorial $5.00 Aluminum Can Star $3.99 Coat, Hat, Scarf & Mitten Sets for Bottles $7.00 Superhero Cape Costume Tutorial $3.99 Christmas Tree Clippie Tutorial $8.50 Christmas Advent Calendar $3.99 Washcloth Seahorse Video Tutorial $25.00 Simply Stunning 7 Fabric Flower E-Book $7.95 Bundle Pack: Two fabric flowers $5.00 Picture Perfect Camera Strap Cover $9.00 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Christmas Pillow Set $6.99 How To Create Your Own Bottle Cap Images With GIMP $5.95 Fabric Christmas Stockings - Elf and Traditional - two sizes $16.95 Sweet Treats Bundle of 5 $8.50 Halloween Countdown Calendar $3.50 Lil' Witchy $8.95 Felicity Geranium Flower $3.99 Flowers, Leaf & Narrow Headband $3.99 Headband & Flower $4.95 The Hannah Flower - No fray, no sew! $9.95 Seat Belt Cover by AbbyChase Designs $5.50 Lily Headband with a No SEW option $6.00 Halloween Trick or Treat Bag or Library Tote $4.99 Tic Tac Toe On The Go $5.50 Square Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake Pattern and Instructional Video $3.99 Flower Hair Accessories #2 $5.00 Stylish Business Card Wallet $3.99 Washcloth Cupcakes Mini and Full Size Instructional Video $0.00 Pin Cushion Parfait $3.99 Washcloth Flower and Bouquet Instructional Video $3.99 Washcloth Round Lollipop Instructional Video $3.99 Bib Cupcake instructional Video $4.99 Washcloth Cars and Automobiles Instructional Video and PDF $3.99 Washcloth Peapod and Pea Clusters $3.99 Washcloth Heart Instructional Video $3.99 Washcloth Calla Lily Instructional Video $3.99 Washcloth Thin Rose & Leaves Instructional Video $3.99 Washcloth Rose & Leaves Instructional Video $3.99 Washcloth Daisy Instructional Video $3.99 Washcloth Lily Instructional Video $3.99 Washcloth Butterfly Instructional Video $3.99 Washcloth Tulip Video Tutorial $5.00 Woven Fabric Basket $3.99 Washcloth Long Lollipop Instructional Video $5.50 Topsy Turvy Style Diaper Cake (Includes Instructional Video Link) $8.95 Rosalind Flower-4 sizes $4.95 The Camellia Flower - Fabric or Felt $6.00 Goodie Baskets All sizes $14.00 Bundle Pack: Viola Dress & Nadine Flower Combo $5.00 The Fun Fairy Boutique's Guide to Making Funky Loopy Hair Bows $11.00 Bundle Pack: Lillian Headband & Corienne Flower PDF Patterns $3.99 Flower Hair Accessories #1 $9.00 The Pumpkin Patch Throw Quilt and Pillow Set $7.50 Beginners Guide to Tie Dye - How to Tie Dye Hearts and Rainbows the Diva Way $8.95 Nadine Peony Flower $8.95 Lillian Headband $11.95 Hair Flower Bundle Pack $7.50 Ruban's T-Rex $8.95 Ava Dahlia Felt Flower Child & Adult Sizes $3.85 Two Style Fabric Lanyard, ID Keychain $7.50 Zoo Friends Ball Toys $9.95 Olabelhe Paper Dolls $9.00 Just a Little Something...for a Happy Birthday! Table Topper $4.95 Annabelle fabric/ribbon flower $6.00 Traditional Bunting (Party Flag Banner) $9.99 One-Trip-Up Stair Basket $8.00 Every Day a Celebration - Banners $10.00 Violet Doll - 15 inch $10.00 Liberty Lion Doll - 15 inch $8.00 Learn to Dress Caterpillar Toy $9.95 Create Your Own Snow Family Wallhanging $5.00 Santa Sweetie and Reindeer Q.T. Applique Patterns $7.99 Happy Holidays - Applique Patterns $6.95 Sugar Cookie - Applique Patterns $5.00 Valentine's Day - Applique Patterns $9.95 Secrets of the Nylon Bowband $19.99 Pretend Party: A Guide to Opening Your Own Fantastic Home-Based Children's Birthday Party Business $9.95 Success at Home Parties $6.95 Make Your Own Bunny Bows $9.95 Make Your Own Spring Bug Hairbows $8.95 Headband: 3D Applique $9.99 How to Make Baby Bows and Clips $7.95 Hair Flair: Seasonal & Holiday Fun $8.95 Beaded Barrette $6.95 Beaded Pony-O Instructions $6.95 Make Your Own Itsy Bitsy Spider Hairbow $7.95 Make Your Own Gingerbread Hairbows! $9.95 Make a Quilt Hanger with Shelf $8.00 Rick-Racky...Oh-So-Scrappy, Christmas! $11.99 Polymer Clay Easter Projects: All 3 e-Books $4.95 Easter Photo Frame $4.95 Photo Bunny Holder $9.95 Gigi's Guide to Wire Wrapping $9.95 The Basics of Polymer Clay Beads $14.95 Capturing Children's Clothing: A Photographer's Guide $4.99 Photo DigiFrames: Volume 1 $9.95 How to Create Your Own Photoshop Brushes! $12.99 Creating Boutique Graphics & Embellished Photos $12.99 Guide to Creating Professional Auction Templates $4.99 Photo DigiFrames: Holidays, V. 1 $4.99 Photo DigiFrames: Valentines $4.99 Photo DigiFrames: Volume 4 $12.99 Make Your Own Tutu! $7.95 Make Fur Cuffs! $9.95 Bling It From Head to Toe $5.00 Frayed Applique: Hogs and Kisses! $6.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit - Adorable $5.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit - All Boy $6.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit - America the Beautiful $5.00 Pony-O Bow Instructions Bonus TomBoy Bow $12.99 Creating Boutique Graphics and Embellished Photos for Photoshop Elements $7.00 Woven Headbands $5.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Beary Christmas $4.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Burst of Summer $19.00 Sew A Tee Pee And Accessories For Your Tribe Of Kids $4.95 Cuffed! Any Size Plus a Bonus Headband Pattern $5.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Stitched Flower Garden $7.00 Adjustable Basketweave Woven Headbands $6.99 Have 2 Have Fabric Covered Headbands $8.95 Time to Enroll in Chalkmat 101 $8.99 Create Your Own "I Spy" Bags! $3.99 Photo Digi-Frames: 8 Colorful Halloween Borders-Frames $3.99 Photo Digi-Frames: 8 Christmas Inspired Borders-Frames $7.99 Novelty Christmas and Winter Themed Clip and Korker Instructions $4.99 Christmas and Winter-Themed Korkers $9.99 Bundle Pack: Christmas and Winter Themed Korkers and Clips $9.95 Ruffle Ribbon Socks and Matching Boutique Style Double Hair Bows $9.99 Lamb's ABC Bow Instructions - How to Make Beautiful Hairbows Just Like a Pro! $4.99 Photo DigiFrames: Girly Frames $4.99 Photo DigiFrames: Doodle DigiFrames $7.95 Girly Room Decor and Hair Bow Holders $3.99 Using PhotoShop to Create Black & White Photos (with a diffused border) $3.99 Using Photoshop to Create Cartoon Effects $8.99 Bundle Pack: Create Fun with Photoshop! $7.95 Spa at Home $0.00 NewsletterSubscriber Bundle: 3 Exclusive Digi-Frames for YCMT Customers! $0.00 NewsletterSubscriber Bundle: Flower Loopy Bow $7.00 Treat Yourself from Head to Toe! $6.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit - Brush of Beauty $4.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit - Graceful $10.99 Digital Christmas Card Templates Volume One $6.98 Digital Scrapbooking Kit - Hint of Beauty $6.95 Make Your Own Christmas Stocking $4.95 Fru-Fru Elastics $10.99 Digital Hanukkah Card Templates $10.99 Digital Christmas Card Templates Volume Seven $10.99 Digital Christmas Card Templates Volume Six $10.99 Digital Christmas Card Templates Volume Eight $7.50 Bundle Pack: Make a Ruched & Lotus Flower Pin $8.95 Make Caramel Pretzels $4.95 How to Make Winter Snowman Hair Clippie $7.00 Braided Ribbon Headbands $14.95 Hair Clippy Guide with Bonus Hairbow eBook $20.00 Bundle Pack: Clippies, Tutus, Hairbows, and Fairy Wings