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Making a "Quilt Sandwich!"

August 22nd, 2011 by editor

You're almost done with your quilt! This next part will have you making a Quilt Sandwich - minus the onions and pickles...(Sorry, couldn't resist!) I know there are many ways to do this, but I'll show you a method that works for me.

Materials Needed:

"Backing" Fabric (a few inches larger - on all sides - of your quilt top) You could use one main fabric or "piece" your backing together.

Batting (a few inches larger - on all sides - of your quilt top) There are many battings to choose from. I personally like a thin one called "Warm & Natural." You can buy it at most hobby/craft stores.

Safety Pins

Optional: T-pins, tape, or basting clamps

Step 1: Start by clearing an area on the table or floor for spreading out your quilt. Place your "backing" (the fabric you want on the back side of the quilt) face down onto the floor or carpet. If you are doing this on the table, you may want to use a little bit of tape to keep down the ends. You can also use basting clamps made specifically for this, but I used tape. If doing this step on the carpet, use a few t-pins around the outside edge.

Step 2: Place your batting on top of the "backing fabric." Smooth flat with your hand.

Step 3: Place the quilt top on the batting, right side up. Smooth flat with your hand. Use a little tape, t-pins, or basting clamps to keep everything flat and smooth on your surface.

Step 4: Starting in the center of your quilt, pin all 3 layers together with a safety pin. Continue to pin approximately every 4 inches, working your way to the outside of the quilt. Notice how I've pinned in the middle of a triangle instead of pinning on the seam. You'll see why in step 8.

The layering of the quilt is now complete! It's time to actually quilt the layers together!