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How to Chain Stitch

August 18th, 2011 by editor

by Needle in a Haystack

The chain stitch is simply a chain of lazy daisy stitches. Let's review the lazy daisy first:

1. This stitch is often used for flower petals or leaves. Be sure to knot your floss, and begin by coming up from underneath the fabric at point A. Lay your floss toward the left, holding down with your left thumb, and circle back around to the point at which you just came up. Insert your needle again at point A and push the point of the needle back up at point B, inside your circle of floss.

2. Gently pull the needle through the fabric. Now take a small tacking stitch on the other side of your loop at point C, pulling the floss all the way to the back side to fasten.

Now that we understand the Lazy Daisy, the Chain Stitch will be easy! So back to step 1 of the Lazy Daisy...

After you have created the loop of the "daisy" and have come up at point B to pull the floss taut, do not continue on to create a tacking stitch.

Instead, go back down into the fabric at point B, and come up under the fabric at point C.

When you come to the end of the chain, stitch a tacking stitch as shown in step 2 of the "Lazy Daisy" instructions and tie off underneath.

You can "zig-zag" the Chain Stitch, by changing the angle at which you place each "daisy" as shown here.