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Kim Christopherson

Kim Christopherson is the founder of,, and When starting the sites, Kim wanted to provide a place where people could learn how to make items for their homes and families. She has always loved the creative process and the joy it brings and loves to see others do the same.

After several years in the e-commerce world, Kim has become a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for focusing on the customer. Kim leads the "YCMT" team with a passionate emphasis on our customers and how to deliver the best experience for them.

Kim is also the owner and creative force of Kimberbell, a popular sewing pattern and embroidery design company. Kimberbell products are available online and in quilt and fabric shops around the country.

Between juggling children's schedules with karate, piano lessons, and homework, she enjoys sewing, crafting, quilting, photography, and embroidery. Kim is also a frequent and popular speaker on entrepreneurship, women in business, and succeeding online.

Michelle Gibas

Michelle is our resident machine embroidery expert at, handling technical customer service, working with designers, helping new embroiderers as well as uploading designs.

Michelle is a self taught sewer, machine embroiderer and digitizer since 1997. She home schools her daughter and loves to sew, garden, and read. She is also a certified Usui Reiki Master.

Erin Buttars

Erin Buttars

Erin is the current site manager at YCMT. She graduated from Utah State University in Operations Management and Human Resource Management. She enjoys working with people and finding ways to help things run more effective and efficiently, whether it's a website, product line, or her own kitchen organization.

Erin started taking sewing lesson in 4th grade and has always enjoyed the creative process. She loves redesigning and reorganizing items around the house, and is often found in the kitchen baking. She also loves following trends in fashion.

Along with being creative, Erin loves the water (swimming, boating, surfing, sailing... everything). She's been swimming as long as she has been walking and currently coaches a local high school swim team.

Ryan Christopherson

Ryan Christopherson

Ryan Christopherson manages the business and technical operations within the company. Ryan is proud to be a technology and marketing geek! His background includes marketing, product management, and project management work within a variety of high-tech companies and start-ups. Ryan and Kim started in 2006, in 2008 and several other ventures.

Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading, music, gardening, cooking and spending time in the outdoors.